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Gien Jia restaurant, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a café restaurant with art frames on the wall

7 Swoon-Worthy Examples of Restaurant Interior Design

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Many people tend to open a restaurant as their own business. You might want too. But how many people find a chance to succeed? And is it really a CHANCE? When we talk about business, it could be a kind of process that needs to be fine-tuned for profit. The opening of a restaurant is a competitive project as you have to drive customers to enjoy at your restaurant more than they do in other ones.

If you are unable to catch their attention, your venture will be closed. Most of the businesses are closed abruptly and do not survive as they fail to engage people. I'm not telling you this to disappoint you, but instead to encourage you to be different! I’m merely pointing out that success isn't a chance; you must take the necessary measures and take the time to get all elements right to achieve the target.

Failure of a new restaurant can have many reasons such as, following an incompetent business plan, choosing the wrong financing options, wrong location, poor quality services, Poor knowledge about competition and attracting and retaining the customers, problems with staff, wrong menu and theme, mixing personal prejudice with business (if it’s a thing that most customers don't enjoy that). So, if you want to steal the show, you should consider something unique that your competition does not offer.

Restaurant interior design is one of the most impressive items that persuade customers to choose your restaurant.

In restaurant interior design, you should ensure that the design is in sync with your restaurant interior design concept. The restaurant design will vary significantly for different types of restaurant formats. So, here I bring you 7 different stunning examples of restaurant interior design to use as inspiration for your restaurant. You should have different design so it’s better to know other stunning restaurants. Stay on track and bear with me.

1. A Stylish Moroccan restaurant in Milan

The project is a Scandinavian style restaurant, located in Milan, Italy. You can see the white background of this restaurant in the photos below.

The space is white and black, white walls and ceiling, black flooring. (The floor covered with black steel plates). The black Tolix chairs paired with white wooden tables, which were created with construction-site slabs on custom iron structures made by an Apulian artisan. It makes a modern scene in the interior.

There are modern black and white accessories like vases and textiles you see are from Danish brand TineK Home, as the white wooden stools, and they mix with some beautiful Moorish details. The plasterboard door, the countier covered with Moroccan monochrome tiles, also pieces from the historical building as the black wall medal which was found during the interior restoration.

a modern restaurant with a secluded environment, black and white theme and modern interior design

a modern and yet classy restaurant with black and white theme and modern interior design

2. Black Drop café restaurant, Kavala, Greece

"Black drop" is a cafe restaurant with 130 square meter area, located in Kavala(Greece) and designed by George Tyrothoulakis and Evdokia Voudouri from Architects ark4lab of Architecture.

Combination of wood, metal, stone, and concrete create a modern space with geometrically shaped objects. Α wooden platform built in levels provide a new type of seat for customers; also there are simple modern chairs that create a contemporary and minimal restaurant interior design style in black drop cafe restaurant.

Among the walls, there are artworks embedded in the space, such as a portrait made of traditional tiles and a rhinoceros model analyzed in triangles. Expanded metal stairs and lined lamps made a post-industrial contemporary urban aesthetics style in this place.

Α wooden platform built in levels provide a new type of seat for customers

black drop café restaurant in Kavala, Greece, with a cozy black sofa and black and white cushions

black drop café restaurant in Kavala, Greece, with wooden stairs as seats for customers

3. Gien Jia restaurant, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

“Gien Jia” is an Italian restaurant, located in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan. It Designed and renovated from a 58 years old duplex house by II Design studio. “Kaleidoscope” is the main architectural concept of this project. It expresses that the designers mix and match local and ordinary things into unexpected but harmony images. Regular polygon also becomes the symbol in the space, mosaic stone flooring, tableware, hexagon tiles and octagon mirrors all follow the concept.

This structure is filled with classic brick constructions: Heading bond, English bond, and Dutch bond, combined with new elements including oak custom cellars, exposed fine lined brass pipes.

Designers combined old and new objects with together in gien jia design. Exposed and fine-lined brass pipe, not only arranged to fit the industrial style. The designer exposes all the pipelines when renovated this old building, to offer a more conveniently motivated function system.

Gien Jia restaurant, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a restaurant with warm space and suspended lights

Gien Jia restaurant, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a café restaurant with warm space and suspended lights

4. Le Train Bleu restaurant, Gare de Lyon, Paris

One of the stunning examples of restaurant interior design is “Le Train Bleu,” located in the Gare de Lyon, Paris. It would be interesting to visit it solely by its architecture, but it is even better when has the history behind it. The interior of this restaurant is worthy of a museum of the 1900s.

There are sculptures, moldings, chandeliers, ceremonial furniture, and many decorative paintings on the walls and ceilings that create a different luxurious shape to this famous restaurant. Also, it has many different antique decorative porcelains on the wooden shelves on the wall, crystal chandeliers, elaborate frescoes, plenty of marble, golden elements, and antique mirrors create an artistic restaurant interior design style that makes you feel like you are stepping back in time in a luxurious setting.

5. Modern Restaurant with Exposed Ceiling

The brutal kind of interior, a factory-like space with ventilation and electrical installation exposed, the exposed Ceiling, brick walls, and concrete columns set the scene for this modern Italian restaurant (with 2927 sq.ft area), While the unique wooden dining tables draw you into the restaurant.

Some flower vases are hanging from the ceiling or on the tables to add life to this modern space. outsourceplan Studio delivers the perfect design, a restaurant interior design. It has taken inspiration from Italian art and industrial style, creating an organic aesthetic using wood material, natural lighting, and plants.

Interior space of a modern restaurant with natural stone and wood materials

6. A Modern Restaurant Surrounded by Nature

The location of this project is a dreamy landscape that is full of potentials, so the best concept for this restaurant was nature! Designers tried to bring nature into the restaurant interior using the glass curtain walls. They are as invisible as possible, with very narrow frames, making it like the trees are inside the space. To emphasize on the view, no pendant lightings were placed, and hidden lights are pointing to the outside were placed for artificial lighting.

There is a different dining room on the other side of the restaurant, far from the curtain walls. A room with white walls, some black-and-white photographs and some wooden shelves with artistic objects on the walls and suspended lights. These objects complement the artistic air of this zone. Pendant lights hang over each table to enhance the coziness feeling to each table.

Interior space of a restaurant with modern furniture

Interior space of a modern restaurant with suspended lights for each table

7. Craft restaurant, Phoenix Market City shopping center, Mumbai, India

The project is a restaurant on the 1st floor of a shopping center, Craft restaurant located in the Phoenix Market City shopping center in Mumbai, India. The most interesting thing about this restaurant is curved wood structures that used as dividers between the tables.

They create a feeling of intimacy in restaurant interior design. Wooden dividers follow the line of the ceiling and end up enveloping the booth area. It is as if not only the booth is reserved for the customers, but also the space above it. The wooden structures become the main element of design that creates warmth and natural feeling. The wave-shaped dividers extend from the exterior into the interior of the restaurant. Large wooden walls steal the scene, where they end into a row of sculptural shapes.

Interior space of a modern restaurant with modern dividers that create a feeling of intimacy

wooden structures in a modern restaurant, located in Phoenix Market City shopping center, Mumbai, India


If you have ever made some research when trying to open a new restaurant as your own business, you have most likely come across the importance of restaurant design and restaurant interior design tips.

As you read above, the opening of a restaurant is a competitive project as you have to drive customers to enjoy at your restaurant more than they do in other ones. And if you want to steal the show, you should consider something unique that your competition does not offer. So try to be different. Interior design knowledge and knowing the inspiring examples of restaurant design help you to create a stunning restaurant you will love and is in your budget.

Leave a comment and let me know your experience and ideas about “restaurant interior design”.

Kate Silva
Author: Kate Silva
I studied civil engineering at university. I have worked as a civil engineer and urban designer in many consulting and engineering companies. After a few years, I surprisingly got interested in architecture and design. I write on architecture and design, too. I hope you will enjoy my articles and I would kindly regard if you share your ideas and comments about them.

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