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A Commercial Project ; Design Development Phase

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an architectural plan of a commercial project
  • architectural drawing of CCTV camera plan
  • ceiling plan and air diffuser location in the ceiling
  • architectural details and standards of a commercial project
  • architectural dimension plan of a room
  • architectural drawing electrical plan of a commercial project
  • electrical details and descriptions of a commecrcial priojcet
  • The elevation drawing of a commercial building project
  • the flooring and finished table of a commercial building project
  • the floor plan of a commercial project with detailed callouts
  • architectural isometric drawings of the partition
  • lighting plan and details of the project
  • the wall section and architectural details of the project
The construction drawings, a vital part of the architecture process, can be very hard to generate. The gathering of numerous drawings which needs lots of preparation can block your progression in the project. You may experience this condition if you have a large number of clients.

Several standards and small-sized architectural companies often find it tough to create construction drawings by themselves. Lack of resources or time could be the cause of it.

Furthermore, instabilities in the architecture market can create demands that could diverge by a significant margin over a short time. It can be tremendously hard to meet requirements as per the request. For such situations, outsourcing the construction drawings may turn out to be the flawless solution as we offer numerous benefits, and these benefits persuaded the customer to give us the project. This means that you can produce any number of drawings as required at the lowest possible cost.

The client sent us only existing plans of this commercial project, and our architectural detailing team completed the design development phase in this project. They provided all details, interior and exterior elevations, sections, wall sections material list, and other necessities of this commercial project.

When our client sent us the existing plan, we asked about the diagrammatic design description, as well as any demanded alterations in this commercial project.

No need to say that having a CCTV camera installed at your buildings will act as a serious warning to offenders and anybody functioning illegal actions.

The picture of a CCTV camera infers an air of risk and the presence of the law, preventing anyone from preparing to carry out crime from doing that. With all these benefits our client wanted to install CCTV cameras all over the project and asked us to create the architectural and electrical plans of the cameras, and our architectural detailing team provided the precise plans for this purpose.

Electrical and lighting plan also created in the drawings to ensure nothing will be forgotten during the building process. All necessary descriptions of the project are fully provided in the architectural sheets to make the drawing as clear as possible.

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