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Apartment Interior Design VR Simulation

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the living room of an apartment with gold and white theme
Evidence proves that BIM or Building Information Modelling, when efficiently used, applied and managed correctly, can help drive proficiency gains in a business historically limited in efficiency enhancements.

Building information modeling can decrease mistake levels and increase design organization around main activities such as design development, management, health, and safety.

Virtual Reality combined with BIM software such as Autodesk Revit can help to recognize possible problems in the design before construction begins and diminish coordination and design problems. Contractors can manage and decrease danger through using BIM and VR simulation together on site three-dimensional coordination (The capability to generate virtual site situations can progress project safety considerably.
By virtually observing everywhere in the construction site before work starts contractors can realize precisely how the numerous parts of the building connect, guaranteeing they do not create dangers, evading potential costly errors.), and clients can see and feel the real sense of the space by using this technology (While sketches and static renderings can help the client to imagine the finished building, VR generates a truly exclusive experience, allowing them to discover their new environment before the construction even starts. By the aid of this technology, any essential modifications to design can be applied much earlier, saving a great amount of time and money).

With high-precision infrared sensors that allow for enhanced tracking and rotation, VR can accurately replicate an entire building, providing both contractors and clients with a far greater perspective of the project than any computer screen or print-out).

This apartment VR simulation project is a great example of how this technology can be used in real projects, any material changes and even mechanical and structural elements of the project can be reviewed at the same time. You can choose your favorite furniture and materials on the different surfaces of the space as you like.

The ability to move inside the apartment and observing rooms from different angles of the space can create a great understanding of the final building before the construction begins.

Even though the current market interest for VR simulations as part of a BIM approach is very low (something like 5%) because of the vital need of powerful hardware and experienced operators to complete the process, but the new concept of outsourcing can diminish these problems.

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