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a contemporary art deco living room with bold colored furniture, and Black and white ultra-stylish cushions

Art Deco Interior Design: Tips on Adding a Touch of Glamour to Your Home

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Do you love old artistic cars? What thing attract you to these cars? Obviously, your answer is not the auto options of them. But what makes them so popular? The answer could be the sense of glamour! Giving good taste a sense of glamour is the reason that 1938 Bugatti car and the actress like Grace Kelly remains in people's mind such enduring style icons.

the art deco staircase of hotel granvia, Barcelona, Spain

Do you enjoy visiting the Granvia hotel (Barcelona)? What about the Palacio salvo building?

The Glamorous, ornate, sleek, and elegant objects may be the things that persuade you to love these buildings and add them into your favorite list.

If you want to bring this feeling to your home, “art deco interior design” is the best choice for you. It can bring all the glamour of the Roaring ’20s to a 21st-century space.

Here I get to “what is art deco interior design” and “art deco design characteristics “and also, bring you some tips to create the art deco design in your home.

So you will be able to make Your Home a Place with your favorite style, where you feel happy and relaxed. So stay on track and bear with me.

What is art deco interior design

"Art Deco interior design" describes an architectural design style that originates around World War I and runs through to World War II (c. 1915-1945).

It was one of the most incredible styles of 1910s-1940s when it broke with convention to combine glamour and opulence with sleek symmetry, bold angular forms, and playful exuberance.

Today, contemporary art deco design updated to the original style is the perfect way to make your home look both classic and glamorous.

an art deco interior design with bold color furniture and a fire place

Art deco interior design characteristics

Various characteristics made this style stand out from other interior design styles, such as symmetry, smooth lines, geometric shapes, angular forms, streamlined forms, sometimes garish color, beige and off-white, exotic materials, and linear decoration, bold colors, shiny metallic and bold colors, (black, red, chrome, and silver) and so on.

Some materials pop up again and again in art deco design, for example, stainless steel, mirrors, glass, inlaid wood, lacquer, and even exotic skins like zebra and shark, etc. Some materials like ebony, marble, and rare woods were also often used; they are expensive and making some Art Deco pieces accessible only to the wealthy.

Today new materials add to the above items, such as aluminum, stainless steel, plastics, lacquer, and inlaid wood. And while continuing the use of high-quality Art Nouveau materials, such as molded glass.

Initially, this style (a reaction against the austerity imposed by World War I) employing expensive materials like silver, crystal, ivory, jade, and lacquer. But after the Depression, it also used cheaper and mass-produced materials like chrome, plastics, and other industrial items catering to the growing middle-class taste for a design style that was elegant, glamorous, and functional.

an art deco interior design with combination of gray and green

Here are some ideas and guidelines to help you through the process of adding Art Deco style into your interiors:

1. Use symmetry, bold colors and glamorous materials

Symmetry, bold colors, and glamorous materials are the Typical Characteristics of an Art Deco Style Space. Glamorous materials with sharp contrasts are popular in this style; you can use these colors for furniture and counterpane and use white and black Parisian-style geometric patterns for cushions and flooring.

I recommended the Parisian pattern to you because Art Deco style was born in Paris in the 1920s and had been influencing glamorous and eclectic interiors ever since. Black and white ultra-stylish cushions evoke the linear symmetry. Also, you can Mix metal and bold geometrics in furniture, tables or use counterpane or enliven the rooms with brass-framed furniture.

Boldly patterned flooring in kitchen and bathroom interior design and Black and white tiles are especially popular because there is a dramatic contrast between the white and black. The materials: marble, metallic, granite, gold, rich wood, and glass, all of these help a space to achieve a bold and luxurious art deco look. Use polished materials. You can have a unique fireplace with symmetry and clean lines, then you’ll sure achieve Art Deco design in your home.

an art deco interior design with pink and white furniture and a pink-themed carpet

the black and white flooring in an art deco hall

2. Go glam with mirrors and lighting

Nothing sets a living room off as glamorously as a chic Art Deco-inspired ceiling light. In 1920 lights were often made of glass and chrome (which was a brand new material at the time).

Glass was sometimes etched or enameled. White glass and colored Tiffany-style glass were also very common. So try to find the fixtures that are original to the period, but if you can't, you can use one of production with a sense of glamour and unique in the markets.

Mirrors with metal or brass frames, look beautiful in an art deco style home and are the item that can be found easily according to your taste. Ornate mirrors make any room look polished and larger even, do make a statement with one, and it’s one of the important steps in room design.

3. Make walls artistic and eye-catching

In art deco design you can choose photos to make the gallery-style feature walls, for example, bold oil paintings and gold themed paintings. Also, you can use golden themed or silver or bold color wallpapers for walls. Try to display artwork and sculptures, metal, bronze and cold cast wall decors in your Art Deco interior design. It can bring the sense of glamour and charm to your home.

Painting the walls using a roller with black, gold, white, silver schemes could be a good choice to create art deco design characteristics. For example, a home with black and gold columns, white walls, is nice sample of art deco home. Enjoy this combination, hard to imagine, but that’s the beauty of Art Deco!

a room with artistic walls, parquet flooring and minimal furniture

4. Consider the use of Rugs and carpets

Carpets are difficult to keep clean than hard flooring, but carpeting transfers less pathogens to hands than floorings like vinyl and rubber. Also, glare and noise are reduced, falls and resultant injuries are less likely, visits by family and friends are longer (increased social support), and carpets encourage a feeling of safety and improved personal psychological and thermal comfort, and produce a more homelike, non-institutional, ambiance.

Using carpets in the center of rooms is a famous feature of art deco design. They should have artistic patterns, chic colors, and should stand out. Rich carpets increase the sense of glamorous in rooms.

an art deco living room with a carpet on the ground and cream furniture

5. Minimalism matters in modern art deco design

Minimalism matters in modern art deco interior design. In the modern and contemporary Art Deco styles, we prefer to use a minimal style with a focus on the design of each element, rather than a room full of accessories. It is mainly achieved through the use of functional furnishing the furniture and interior objects. Also, minimalism as an important part of art deco design is the best way to complement the intricate patterns and outlandish accessories.

A minimalist room or kitchen relies on smart storage. If you use the smart solutions and minimalist design, you can focus on adding other art deco elements in the kitchen, such as white and black flooring, vivid geometrics and bold colors of accessories that your guests will see instead.


As you read above, Art Deco is an influential art and interior design style that originated in France, before World War I and gained popularity in the United States during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.

This style is often characterized by rich and bold colors, bold geometric shapes, and lavish ornamentation, which features prominently across the world. Also, the minimalism is an important part of art deco interior design.

Art deco design creates luxury and glamor in every space. You should use symmetry, functional furnishing, bold colors, glamorous materials, metal or brass framed mirrors and Deco-inspired ceiling lights, artistic and eye-catching wall colors, and rich Rugs and carpets in creating your art deco home.

Comments below and let me know other ideas or tips you might have.

Kate Silva
Author: Kate Silva
I studied civil engineering at university. I have worked as a civil engineer and urban designer in many consulting and engineering companies. After a few years, I surprisingly got interested in architecture and design. I write on architecture and design, too. I hope you will enjoy my articles and I would kindly regard if you share your ideas and comments about them.

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