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Combining Nature in a Modern Bedroom Interior Space

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interior space of a modern bedroom under a swimming pool with floor to ceiling windows
  • interior space of a modern bedroom with large floor to ceiling windows and organic natural stone wall
  • seating area of a modern bedroom with natural wood flooring and stone walls
Combining nature in an interior space is always a great idea; in this project, our client asked us to design the interior space of a special bedroom. The bedroom is located in a swimming pool.

We decided to maximize the presence of natural elements in the space, in the first step we decided to use natural materials in the space such as natural wood and natural stone, Stone is a sustainable material that will bring value to any architectural space if it is used correctly and wisely.

Stone has a natural attraction and enhances the combination of nature and the built space. Like what our designers did in this project, the eye-catching stone wall is a good idea for wall covering in the bedroom, which can change the overall atmosphere of the space.

To remove the boundary between interior space and natural surroundings, our designers designed two main elements, the first one is large floor to ceiling windows, and the sufficient amount of sunlight that enters your bedroom from your large windows every day can help decrease anxiety. Daylight can also control the human body clock, aiding you sleep healthier at night. Apart from the health advantages, daylight is directly linked to productivity.

Just imagine waking up, opening the hangings and being welcomed by the attractive, panoramic view of this surrounding landscape. These Large windows bridge the gap between your interior and outside spaces, enhancing the attractiveness of both spaces.

The second great feature in this bedroom is a large organic natural stone surface which will remind you of sleeping in the mountain.

The sitting area of the bedroom is located near the large window where the owner can sit after waking up or before going to sleep and enjoy the great panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. Natural wood flooring is another natural element in the space and adds some warm colors to the space to make it more lively and attractive.

Interior design need years of experience to understand every material correctly, and the proper way of using it, the right mixture of diverse elements can create a great interior space, and that’s what our architectural visualization team is trained for.

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