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Dram Discovery Bar Exterior Design with Glass Facade

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Dram Discovery Bar Located in a popular coast of Greece and Enjoys the view of some of Greece’s best-known sights from one facade, the dram Discovery bar design is the ongoing gentrification of the area and it's rich architectural and literary history.

We focused on creating a space with an atmosphere that was fluid and peaceful like the sea. This space is a juxtaposition of dark and light, in order to maximize impact, we would need to finish the project in a fundamentally different, distinct way, building expectations, and genuine surprise by creating the maximum contrast between sunny and bright outside environment and dark and cozy interior space.

As a result, we designed the Dram Discovery Bar in a unique approach. At first glance, The traditional bar looks immediately familiar to passerby, but a number of edgier, more modern details call for another look: the smooth, finished wooden countertops, hidden lighting strips in shelves and polished minimalism of the flooring tiles in harmony with high gloss black walls, large windows, and minimal fabric furniture, plus a dramatic, symmetrical ceiling with a warm hidden light create an unconventional scene.

The centerpiece of the Dram Discovery Bar is a vintage bar, which is completed by a designed and unique pendant light.

The excellence of the space is not only felt physically through its materiality. Light is one of the key elements of our multisensory design palette and we collaborated closely with our lighting engineer to ensure the light from the various areas of the space did not conflict and control the light precisely to create a cozy space.

To design luxury and exclusive space, we looked to traditional Greece architecture for inspiration. In traditional Greece architecture statues often play an important role in interior spaces, and we tried to keep that in mind and use some unique classic sculptures to make the space familiar for the user.

The back portion of the Dram Discovery Bar is occupied by a coffee and pastry shop that works during the daytime, while the rear cocktail bar – which also serves small plates – opens at night.

The coffee and pastry shop Walls are a mix of dark-painted flat surfaces decorated with art pieces, and modern shelves used in 3D modeling of this bar to display some unique sculpture and art pieces. Contemporary furniture with the cream fabric used in the space in order to maximize the harmony between so many objects in the space.

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Jing Feng




Emil Ahmad, Ellie Clements, Finley Rahman

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