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Great Ideas and Tips for any Type of Room Design

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Room; The unit that builds literally any type of architecture ever, from the ground up. The meaning of “Room” and room design goes way beyond merely a place to rest or any other common type of space the bears the tag “room” along with its name. So, almost all branches of room design can pertain with our title. But here, we want to pick some of the most incredible tips and ideas on room design of the sort that you, an ordinary human being with a place to live, walks into.

Let’s cut to the chase and see what types of rooms are there. You might count with me in naming master bedroom ideas or small living room ideas or even teen bedroom layout ideas as the most common types that anybody at some point has to think of; all of which can employ an immense range of tastes based on what you fancy better.

A shared living and dining room

It may be a simple, modern bedroom you are trying to spice up by adding tiny bits of interest or punchline over at one corner. Or it might be some small modern living room ideas where your whole house gets its energy from.

You definitely would want yourself or your dear guest to have the best view from the vestibule to the living room and get invigorated.

All the same, sometimes minimal changes can add up to a huge impact on your one time visit to the confinements of a room design at a hotel or the long-accumulated history you have had in your own room as a child (design of a kid’s bedroom), by thoughtful teen bedroom ideas.

It should be mentioned as a long-standing rule of thumb (that transcends room design as well) that it is not as much just about looking good. The fact is that what functions well and serves its purpose adequately, will seamlessly look beautiful to the eye too.

Plus if you look at it, any proper room design that is actually functional is simpler to walk through, easier to use, and can be more conveniently maintained.

a warm-colored living room with fireplace and extensive glazing

So, keep that in mind as we circle around the table and see the perfect examples of room design from different angles.

Without any more delay let’s plunge into the ocean of ideas and pick a handful that can help anybody build their coveted unit they all end up at least at the end of the day, if not all throughout; room design.

Social or Communal Room Design Tips

Big or small living room design ideas should be all about gathering people together and make the commute from bedroom to the living room a no brainer, even when you are beat after a long hard day.

It is where the family reconnects and each member fills up their drained energy. It should be the place for a break whenever someone needs it. It should take the edge off routine life stuff.

But what is the translation of these big or small living room ideas in the broader realm of room design? We are about to find out.

One solution as a part of small living room ideas can be a focal point within the room design which points all the furniture toward a subject.

a modern living room

It can be a simple vista that the window pours into the room or a fireplace and the big mantle around it; television might sound a little anti-social option (which it is!) but the least it offers your living room is a sense of direction within the space.

Simply put, any sort of bold anomaly from the plain context can create the attraction to foster the warmth and desired hub that almost all big or small living room ideas look for.

But above all, the right form of circulation that follows a clearly-defined function should be the underlying set-stone for all types of small living room ideas.

As we mentioned earlier it adds congruity to what a proper lain-out space beckons and makes living, enjoying, and maintaining the place immensely more straightforward.

a light big modern living room

On a different notion, especially as for small living room ideas, we need to dip into how the place should be lit up. Architects see hotels as the field to show all their genius on this aspect of room design.

Proper lighting is all that is needed to turn a meager architecture upside down into a fabulous piece of art; especially when natural light leaves the scene at night.

a naturally and artificially-lit small living room

You have to use all types of ambient, accent, and decorative and natural lighting to keep up the interest and surprise elements throughout your room.

Private Space and Room Design Tips

Another common type of room design can address private areas which includes master bedroom ideas or in a more special and private case can even cover teen bedroom ideas.

The general rules we have already mentioned run here too. Like the binding reign of function and its role to organize everything where it is meant to be and so the proper use, maintenance, and leisure of the room design is best guaranteed.

A simple and functional bedroom

Let’s forget master bedroom ideas or small living room ideas for a sec and talk room design in a broader sense.

What is the appropriate way to room design?

We should first say that every design is a solution to a human problem. So deep down, the solution interacts with humans and it should be intuitive first.

Take iPhone for example or any top-notch smartphone in the market. Why have they been all the rage for over a decade now?

Cause when you work with them, everything you need on the screen is right where your first intuitive guess takes you. In another words, you won’t need to be tech-savvy to work with it!

That is exactly how room design should be. It ought to offer things, switches, and facilities right where they are needed. Light switches, furniture’s position, ventilation, acoustics, and so on, all should follow the same rule; seamlessly at the right amount and at the right place.

A traditional bedroom in Yazd, Iran

The biggest of which is the right circulation and furniture layout which has to subside into their best arrangement through meticulous care and extra time; no rush! Having the room ready a bit later than it is supposed to won’t hurt anybody!

The extension of your room with the outside world through a window, either as the main party piece in your master bedroom ideas or solely to invite natural lighting into the room or even just to offer a pleasant viewpoint, is always advised all the same.

But as you step into the inner circle of our house, privacy should never be overstepped. Sometimes a niche or an alcove or even a slight setback, maybe where your bed props against the wall, can greatly secure a sense of privacy and safety.

A modern combination of a living room and a home office

That makes the difference between a modern bedroom that just feels right and one that is not special at all.

Or a small foyer or even simply a change of direction ahead of the room can be part of all master bedroom ideas and dam against the whole room design being revealed by a single cursory look. But that is totally flipped when you’re brewing teen bedroom ideas for your children.

Another factor that should absolutely be considered in almost all master bedroom ideas is proper lighting. Complementary to the light and vision that windows offer the room, artificial lighting is needed for downward and upward lighting too.

Rooms with low-ceilings could particularly use light sources like table or floor lamps facing upward and prevent the crumbling sense of smallness of a dark ceiling.

All these natural and artificial methods for lighting up a room will help create layered lighting which grows a modern bedroom out of feeling flat and makes it more interesting.

A naturally-lit living room throughout the day

Instead of having a giant chandelier that looms over your head, we will have layers of lighting responding to different needs during the day. They can be categorized into General lighting that spreads background light, Accent as in the lamp that further illuminates the vanity desk, and Decorative lighting that is merely there to make a rather dramatic sight.

Now, all the lighting methods we explained are there in the first place to shed light on something, like any part of your (for instance) teen bedroom ideas in room design.

Now, tell me, what is most striking in terms of aesthetics and the collective experience we go through, when we walk into a room?

A toddler bedroom

The answer is in color.

Functions for color can vary a lot, but we will briefly point to the few primary ones. For example, Color can help the room designer make seamless distinctions across the room or visually laying out different zones.

A reading nook for instance, can feel more fit to the occasion when the wallpaper at its back mildly makes it stand out of its context. The same mentality explains the black wall behind your bed in different master bedroom ideas.

Now what about coming up with the best overall outlook for a room; color-wise?

Drastically different approaches to pick a color palette in your room design have been developed in examples like modern bedrooms which are the most ubiquitous, or for rare cases like teen bedroom ideas.

A living room with a wide set of furniture

It can be composed of different shades of the same hue which make a soothing rainbow in a modern bedroom that soaks the visitor in.

Or vice versa, your master bedroom ideas, for instance, can revolve around two or more complementary combination of colors.

Look at the examples we have made here in our gallery. What other room design ideas and tips you are smitten by! Tell us! There is a whole comments section eagerly waiting for you! Also you can get a quote today, if you want to have a beautifully designed room.

Mitchel Sardy
Author: Mitchel Sardy
I am a Computer Engineer and an architecture enthusiast, graduated on both majors up to the master's degree from the University of Washington; I'm an advisor to early-stage architecture startups all around the globe; the ones using computer-based solutions to design in architecture.

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