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Interior and Lighting Design of a Luxurious Classic Bedroom

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classic bedroom interior design
  • luxurious Classic bedroom interior design
  • a classic makeup table in a classic bedroom interior design
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You may say the heart of a home is its living room, but what about the bedroom? A place for rest and romance, the bedroom makes a strong case for being the heart of your home! This glamorous luxurious Classic bedroom designed by some of our best interior designers and filled with the finest luxury furniture all from famous Italian brands.

Someone's dream of his ideal bedroom can match this bedroom. This is a royally luxurious interior for a bedroom.
In general, three tints, pearl white, cream, and golden play the main roles in this luxurious Classic bedroom. The cream color of the walls is ideal to highlight the magnificent classic decoration, which beautifully plays with daylight.

The bright accent of the interior become complete with beautiful curtains in the classic style made from the natural silk of a red hue. Curtains look very elegant and luxurious, thanks to a soft canopy wave and additional decors beside and in the middle of them.

Book matched stone behind the tv is in red hue in a harmony with wood flooring and curtains, it’s a luxury and expensive technique but as you can see the output worths the process. This luxurious Classic bedroom is incredibly feminine and comfy. As you can see in the 3D architectural renders, the warmth of colors create a comforting sense in every square meter of the bedroom. The warmth of home comfort permeated every square meter of the bedroom. Our Interior designers have once again proved that even a small bedroom can be royally luxurious and unique.

A glass Vintage chandelier selected to provide the main light for the bedroom. Makeup table color is golden in harmony with the bedside tables and décor panels beside the makeup table are also filled with a mirror to create a unique area for who use the table.

The dream of the owner of this elite apartment was a classic ceiling painting in the bedroom which we decided to select from the baroque era with those extremely delicate details.

Considering details of this luxurious Classic bedroom you can feel the mood of sensitivity, style, and elegance, which impregnated the interior and which ideally reflects the character of the apartment owner.

The decor panels are filled with wallpaper with a delicate color. A large bed with a beautiful soft headboard of cream color and framing of snow-white carved decor looks great with golden side tables and golden classic table lamps.

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Ellie Clements, Maya Jonasson

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