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Large Wooden Exhibition Stand Design

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the main entrance of a large exhibition stand with wooden walls and ceiling and white color flooring
  • bird view of a large wooden exhibition stand
  • exterior view of a modern exhibition stand with white color and wooden walls
  • the reception area in the entrance of a modern wooden exhibition stand
  • the wooden manager table in the exhibition stand with wooden walls and grey color chairs
  • seating area of the exhibition stand with grey color l-Shaped sofa and decorative wooden shelves
Exhibition stand design is one of our favorite types of projects. Usual constructional considerations for permanent spaces are at their minimum, and concept and creativity are dominant in the design. Of course, concepts are based on the discussions with our clients and the essence of their demand, but in the boundary of this mutual conception among designers and clients, creativity is versatile the most.

This exhibition stand is designed for a wood manufacturing company specialized in interior accessories. They wanted to exhibit their most successful products in their stand, and also introduce their latest designs. So the challenge here was using these products and new prototypes as the main forming elements of the design concept.

After studying these elements and discussing the needs and general ideas of the client, our design team reached the desirable concept: A warm, welcoming and cozy office including all the elements that our client has produced in a unified space.

To distinguish these substantial elements, we designed every other component in a material other than wood, the white walls made of plasterboard, and the floor covered by felt carpet tiles. Each tile is made of dense white felt and has a rubber base to eliminate any movements of the tiles. With a modern brand like this company, fresh materials like wool, wood or like this project, felt, can be the right choices for the brand’s quality.

This rendering shows the welcoming exclusivity of the main area of the stand, space which is visible to the visitors and they can see it through all four fronts of the stand, each in a varied and unique interesting way.

Designed like a cozy and spacious sitting room, it welcomes guests to sit and enjoy the atmosphere while attracting their attention to the particular wooden products of the company, from doors to shelves and bookcases, coffee tables and vases.

Famous for their wooden wall and ceiling covers, our architectural visualization team benefited from these products the most. The main front of the stand was designed as transparent as possible. With transparent horizontal louvers covering one angle and in a way like they had been cut irregularly to create the entrance.

On the other side the compact vertical louvers, hanging from the wooden ceiling and plasterboard wall, were cut in a soft curve form, again, emphasizing the entrance, and therefore the welcoming quality of the exhibition stand.

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