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Modern Design of an Object-Based Dining Room

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white color modern dining table and chairs near a large window
  • interior space of a modern dining room with parquet flooring and modern accessories and lighting fixtures
  • dining room location in the house
A dining room is a multi-functional room in the house - it’s where we have our meals, talk and from time to time even work. When designing a dining room, we think deeply about how our client will use the space and what they need to attain in this area.

Friends and family come together in the dining room to relax, chill out, and have delicious food and plenty of conversation. The atmosphere of this space is very important and should be very relaxing, creating this effect can be hard when the dining room is connected to kitchen or living room and needs many years of experience in interior design.

The size of the dining room doesn’t matter at all, and if you have a well-designed dining room, it can be the heart of your home and not just an excess area in your home.

Once our designers choose the wall colors, other elements such as hangings and chair material can be chosen to harmonize with other decorative accessories in the room. For walls with dark colors, it’s frequently common to keep accessories, such as dishes, more neutral.

But when we have a neutral color palette on the walls like this project, it’s possible to be bolder with the accessories. Decorative beams on the ceiling to hang three modern wireframe pendant light and a vintage showcase are designed with wood material to add texture to space.

The chairs and curtain fabric is selected in the same color to create harmony in the space. As the centerpiece of the dining room, it’s vital to select a proper dining table, a bright color wooden dining table is a great choice for this project, Our architectural visualization team did a great job in choosing this table because it has the color of walls and texture of the wood and combines all different elements in the room.

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