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Modern Interior Stair Design

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  • modern wooden staircase in the side of a modern living room
  • side view of a modern staircase beside a large window of the living room
Interior stairs can improve the living space of a home, and with proper design, it can turn to something more than just a regular staircase. This is where the importance of choosing the right material, the design of the interior stair, stairs architecture and the interaction between stair and the living space becomes evident.

Numerous design ideas can be used to change an ordinary staircase to a delightful part of your home, from large traditional stairs to modern and light stairs like this one.

The most vital point to not forget is that staircases are not just connecting different part of the house; they also have a significant role in shaping the style and atmosphere of your home. A stylish stairway like this project can improve a regular living room to a unique modern space with an attractive and warm atmosphere.

So, as we emphasis on the functional parts of the stair, our designers don’t forget the aesthetic effects of the stair.

The unique design style of this stair improves it from being a just functional part to a beautiful modern statue. The stair has fluid and free organic lines; it has a continuous nature that links two walkways.

The greenery added under the stairs for maximum usage of space. The stair design is very open and doesn’t block the light coming from the main window.

Vertical louvers beside the stair separate the stair space from the living room, but visually both spaces are connected through open gaps between louvers.

This project created by our architectural visualization team is a great example of making the best of a regular design element like stairs.

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