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Realistic Modeling and Rendering of a Sofa with a Bright Fabric

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bright modern sofa rendering with steel legs
Furniture firms who want to present their products in an appealing catalog for customers have usually been limited to carrying out lengthy and often expensive photography shoots in an attempt to get the faultless images.

Now, 3D rendering could make such monotonous activities a thing in the past. Rather than creating physical models of every piece of furniture that needs to be shown, furniture businesses can now use the services of a 3D modeling and rendering company to create computer-generated images of their products.

The cost advantage of 3D modeling and rendering for furniture companies are clear. Each piece of furniture in the company’s collection can be virtually created and the images manipulated to get the perfect shot, without any physical object having to be human-made, transported, or recycled after the shoot.

This process can lead to enormous savings for the furniture company through the materials and worker costs that are avoided by using rendering instead of traditional photography to create images for the digital and hard copy catalog.

The 3D rendering technology makes it easy to apply different colors and materials to show similar pieces made from different types of wood, fabric, metal or plastic. The results are very realistic – our clients found that readers of their catalog could not tell the difference between rendered images and photographs of real furniture.

In numerous cases like this project, the images created by digital rendering can be even more remarkable than those taken by a professional photographer. The number and direction of light sources can be easily controlled through only a few clicks of the designer’s mouse so that every piece of furniture is shown off in the best setting possible.

Furniture corporations can communicate effectively with potential customers who are treated to the best possible images of the furniture available for sale.

The 3D architectural renderings outcomes produced by Outsource plan are highly detailed and very precise, allowing designers to bring their chairs, tables, sofas or other pieces of furniture to the real world in stunning detail. First, the main shape of the piece of furniture is created using professional 3d model software like 3DS Max or RHINO3D. In Next level, the details are added to the model. The colors and materials are applied at a late stage, just before the final corrections are made to the model.
More finished projects in this field are available on our website. Outsource plan frequently works with architects, designers, and other professionals, creating 3D modeling and renderings that have a strong impact on marketing products and raising the profile of a company.

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