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Renovation Design of a Classic Wooden Kitchen

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classic kitchen interior space with natural wood cabinets and parquet flooring
  • Realistic render of a wooden cabinet of a classic kitchen with Black color stone countertop
  • Classic wooden kitchen island with a black color stone countertop in the middle of a classic kitchen
Our client for this project wanted a complete renovation for their kitchen, from cabinets, flooring and kitchen table to the space layout, walls and windows.

The old kitchen was a small room with walls on four sides and a door to enter it. Despite the great opportunity of a great view to the outside, which was not walls of other buildings but a spectacular natural view, the kitchen had a small narrow window.

Our designers decided to remove the walls which separated the kitchen, the TV room, and the dining room. They unified the flooring of these spaces and renewed the unified space flooring with natural wood parquet.

The cabinets selected were classical ones, matching the Victorian style of the house. To enhance the harmony between the now open kitchen and other exposed areas, the cabinets were also selected wooden, matching the flooring nicely.

Another important change was replacing the old window with a new, big one that started from the working surface of the cabinets and continued to the ceiling, providing a great view, and more importantly a great source of natural light. A spacious, multifunctional kitchen island compensated the cabinets that were eliminated by these changes.

The kitchen island helped the kitchen to blend with other adjacent spaces, working as a divider and a connector simultaneously.

Pendant lighting was placed on top of the island kitchen, not very heavy and distracting ones, but five simple transparent and light ones, each having one light bulb.

But being simple and humble, they still had a classical form, made of metal wires, creating a post-modern look for the kitchen, perfectly consonant with the contradiction of wooden, classical cabinets and modern kitchen appliances.

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