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The Design of a Modern Villa Living Room with Natural Lighting Design

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modern villa living room with dark wood flooring and large window
  • cream color furniture of the modern living room in front of the house library
  • modern armchair beside the large glass window and green wall of the living room
Our clients for this project were a young couple with a newborn. On their inheritance land inside a wood, they had decided to build a small villa, and they approached us to design it for them. Considering the appealing and unique view of the woods and the small size of the villa, we proposed a modern and minimal style for the villa.

Our architectural 3D modeling team tried to create highly realistic and detailed views of this living room from multiple angles.

Here we will focus on the living room design, which is the heart of the villa and most important place for our clients: Since this villa meant like a haven for relaxation and a pause of the urban bustling life for this couple, they wanted the means of serenity in their villa, and for them these means were mainly books and plants they loved to take care of.

Based on this demand and the site requirements and views, our designers designed the living room with two special parallel walls, one a wall covered with books and the other a wall covered with plants appropriate for interior space. Between these two facing walls, a glass walls with minimum framing was placed, functioning as a super large frame for the unique nature of the woods in front.

To add warmth and coziness to the living room, we chose natural wood parquet flooring, and the underfloor heating system was selected to eliminate the radiators from the space. Cream color sofas were placed in front of the green wall, and between them, a minimal decorative fireplace was determined.

A designed armchair and coffee table was selected by our designers consulting with the clients, white parts of the chair and the table in harmony with sofas, and wooden parts in harmony with the flooring and the nature surrounding the villa.

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