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The Exterior and Interior Design of a Classic Style Villa

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the clay render of the luxury classic villa exterior design
  • the entrance lobby of a luxury classic villa with golden color reflective wall
  • interior design of a bedroom with carpet flooring and a wooden wall
  • interior space of the living and dining room of a classic villa
  • interior space of a classic white kitchen with a high gloss finish and stone flooring
  • the interior space of a luxury classic villa with stone handrails and green curtain
  • exterior view of a classic villa with symmetrical light brown stone facade
  • gray color king size bed in a modern bedroom
  • modern bedroom with dark color parquet flooring and small floor lamps
  • luxury bathroom interior space with crystal chandelier and golden sink cabinets
  • luxury bathroom interior design with bright stone flooring and walls
  • the main aisle of the classic villa with stone flooring and glen ceiling patina
Our client in this project asked us to create a luxury villa in classic style in his beautiful land in a historical village, so our architectural planning and 3D architectural visualization team first started with the villa exterior.

We chose cream color travertine stone to cover the façade. The external facade requires durable materials capable of resisting the most varied atmospheric elements without worsening while remaining attractive, travertine is always the correct choice for its natural stylishness and confirmed resistance to outdoor environments.

The most important feature of any classic building or façade is “symmetry,” so when we were in the architectural planning phase, our designers did their base to have a fully symmetrical façade at the end. The large terraces of the villa provide a great view of the surrounding landscape and can be used as a gathering place in the warm seasons of the year.

Two huge stone entrance columns complete the classic accent of the building and won’t leave any place for questioning about the entrance.

Interior space is designed to complete the building luxury exterior design. The floor is covered with bright stone, and black stone is used to decorate the floor and create some geometrical patterns on the surface.

The ceiling is designed very carefully, and each space has special ceiling decorations, the golden color patina used to enhance the sense of luxury and also as an element which is used in different parts of the villa to create the unity in different areas.

The main color of the living and dining room is white, but our designers added colorful elements like the green curtains to the space to break the monotonous presence of the white color. The furniture style is in harmony with the classic style of the villa, luxury yet simple.

The villa's kitchen and its high gloss cabinets are designed completely white, the white color is used everywhere in living and dining room and can relate these spaces together, it’s also a great color where you need to be clean.

The kitchen has an island in the middle of the space with a natural stone countertop which is a great surface to work on it. Because the kitchen has an open plan, the kitchen chandelier is also designed to be the same as the living room to create a separate yet combined space.

The master bedroom of the house is designed in a different style because in the bedroom the most important feature anyone needs is the comfort and being luxury, so the carpet was chosen for the master bedroom flooring. It’s soft and warm nature makes it a perfect choice for bedrooms.

A decorative wooden wall is designed behind the bed with a shelf to hold unique, memorable objects of the owner. Any accessories and art pieces of the bedroom are chosen carefully to match the bedroom style such as this beautiful, unique floor lamp.

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