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The Interior Design of a Bathroom with Stone and Wood

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stone bathtub in a modern bathroom with skylight and stone flooring
  • interior space of a modern bathroom with natural stone and wood flooring and skylight
Due to our clients’ preference, in this modern bathroom interior project, we started to use natural materials as much as possible, thus we decided the main material of the space to be bright natural stone, its eco-friendly and looks very modern and simultaneously stylish; natural stone is durable against moisture and easily accessible.

There are numerous ideas about how to apply it in the interior design but we chose to cover the floor and wall from the same stone to keep the simplicity in our design. The Stone bathtub look astonishing and modern, and so do the washbasin. This bright natural stone creates a minimal atmosphere that is completely elegant.

The glass shower cabin is durable and easy to clean. It gives the space a more scent of openness. You may find your bathroom looks much bigger than ever without a closed off wall. Furthermore, a glass shower cabin can provide better airflow over an old-style curtain or metal framed shower cabin.

Our architectural visualization team always considers greenery in our designs, Not only the shower plants are great for increasing air quality, but they also help reduce surplus moisture in the bathroom and keep away any bacteria living in your bathroom. Besides, plants can boost the user’s mood; they reduce stress level and nervousness while increasing energy.

Natural lighting is still the best type of lighting system which can be used in the interior space. It can be a challenging, yet pleasing task to effectively include natural light into a room. Daylight offers better aesthetics, better perception of the space and colors, and brings out our beautiful architectural details.

Considering all of these great features, we decided to open a small part of the ceiling and create a skylight to brighten up the bathroom interior space. This bathroom truly can become our client personal spa retreat with these unique features.

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