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The Interior Design of a Minimal Concrete Living Room

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  • interior space of a minimal living room with concrete wall and floor and brown color furniture
  • modern armchair near a floor to ceiling window in the minimal concrete living room
Many years ago there was a time when raw concrete floors stayed well buried under carpets, wooden parquet flooring and stone or ceramic tiles when it was unimaginable to leave them visible to the users, and the great idea that they could look beautiful was set aside.

Nowadays interior designers know the attractive features of concrete floors and the fact that they are trendy in modern and minimal interior design makes them common to be seen in many interior space projects like this living room.

The concrete wall of this living room is the coolest and the bravest way to create an industrial and dramatic feel in the space. This Living Room with a raw concrete wall pushes the limits of usual interior space and offers a super attractive and bold atmosphere.

This concrete wall in the room, without doubt, will create an original, modern, and minimal atmosphere. Besides these features, a concrete wall is currently one of the most wanted trends in the interior design world, and it will benefit you by creating a super fashionable space.

Our designers decorated this living room like a wonderful contemporary Art studio, because of the open space and a brilliant presence of cool accessories that bring unique charisma to space. Though, without any doubt, the exposed concrete wall creates the focal point for this living room and offer a place with the outstanding effect that creates the minimal and modern appearance.

All rooms of a home have their design challenges, but because the living room is where you perhaps spend most of your time, designing a small one like this project can be very sensitive.

Daylight doesn’t only give your living room a happy, friendly atmosphere but also it can have a positive influence on your health by aiding control your natural daily rhythms. The sufficient amount of light that enters this living room through its floor-to-ceiling window can help to create a cozy and warm space.

Our architectural visualization team placed a single stylish and comfy chair near the floor-to-ceiling window of the living room which creates a nice place to spend your time and have your tea during days and nights.

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