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The Interior Design of a Modern Restaurant Surrounded by Nature

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a VIP dining table in the interior space of a modern restaurant near the large window
  • a wooden bar of a modern restaurant with decorative wooden wall and modern lighting fixtures
  • a bright color natural stone wall with natural texture besides the dining table of a modern restaurant
  • bright color interior space of the formal dining area of the modern restaurant with concrete flooring and decorative hidden lights on the ceiling
  • large green walls near the dining table of the modern restaurant with concrete flooring
  • interior space of the Casual dining room of a modern restaurant with modern chairs and a wooden table
  • ground floor plan of the modern restaurant
The design project for a restaurant locating in a dreamy landscape was full of potentials, and few barriers were faced during the design process. As the surroundings of the restaurant, our client was a dreamy one, one that every designer wish for.

He let us design whatever we felt like was perfect for space. Of course, like every other project we discussed every issue and detail of every design stage with him, as we believe that client’s view matters the most and can inspire our designers to come up with fresh ideas linked to the client.

A bar, dining room, lobby, kitchen, and private dining sections for private meetings and gatherings, were the main functions of this restaurant. After the primary design stages and determining the desired position of each zone and their connection to each other, the details of the space such as windows quality, materials, and furniture were considered based on the modern and minimal atmosphere that our designers reached an agreement on with our client.

Modern worked fine for this restaurant specifically because the main concept was the space to be the frame to display the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, and what works better in such situation than a minimal, brutal air, functioning as a patient and admirer background for the perfect nature outside.

Two semi-attached square-shaped rooms function as dining rooms, one more formal and the other casual. The two pictures above show the architectural renders of these two spaces. The first one accommodates fewer tables, and the space between each table is far more to create more privacy and is proper for staying longer.

The tables of this formal dining room are round with a golden surface. The chairs are more comfortable in comparison to the more casual – and coffee-shop-like- dining room, and purple as a complementary color for golden tables. The legs of both tables and chairs are selected black to create more simplicity and monophony.

The purple and gold color of the furniture stands out against the dazzling white tone of the room, and also enhance the luxuriousness of the space. Windows are as invisible as possible, with very narrow frames, making it like the trees are inside the space.

To emphasize on the view, no pendant lightings were placed, and hidden lights are pointing to the outside where placed for artificial lighting. Different from the first one, the casual dining room is dense with wooden square tables. The color of the chairs is khaki and in harmony with the wood color.

Some black-and-white photographs and some wooden shelves with artistic objects on them complement the artistic air of this zone. Pendant lights in artistic style hang over each table to add coziness feeling to each table. Two dining rooms of this restaurant are linked together with a brutal concrete flooring, adding a raw roughness to these spaces.

Bar of the restaurant, a shared space and confluence spot between formal and casual dining room, servicing both spaces

Bar of the restaurant is placed in the joint space between the two square-shaped dining rooms, servicing both of them. With wooden wall covering, shelves and counter and stools, it has the same atmosphere as the casual dining room, and it has the same artistic lightings as well. Like the designing style, the bar is also facing the casual dining room with its longer side.

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