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The Interior Design of a Warm Bedroom with Natural Wood

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white color bed with two side tables and table lamps in a modern bedroom with wooden wall
  • interior space of a modern bedroom with wood and carpet flooring and bright color bed
After discussing with our clients, a young couple, on their bedroom design, a fixed stage of our design process, our designers started the designing phase.

Placing the bed, the focal point of any bedroom, as far as possible from the door and hallway, and near the windows and terrace, to divide the bed from other bedroom functions such as toiletry and dressing area and circulation path, and also to enjoy the sunlight and the view from the bed.

To accentuate the bed focal point, the ceiling changes its simple accent of white color to a depressed square framed with dark wood from inside and out, accommodating hidden lights around the inside frame. These wooden squares inscribed in each other plus the hidden light creates dramatic shades and lighting and a specific view from the bed.

Spotlights around the squares help this dramatic lighting even more. Wood is the main material in this project, repeating from the floor to the ceiling. We are an advocate of applying wood in bedrooms because it helps a lot to warm up space, enhance the coziness and simultaneously create the modern appearance which many of our clients’ desire. Wooden parquet flooring has many functional advantages too.

It is easy to clean, it is durable, and its natural texture brings the feeling of nature inside. All the furniture is wooden, bed, side tables, toiletry table, and a TV table. We placed a dark cream carpet with a black margin under the bed, to make stepping out of bed more comfortable and enjoy, while at the same time adding, even more, emphasis to the focal point of the room, the bed.

The wooden wall behind the bed is also serving the same purpose, accentuating the bed position. Our clients wanted the TV in front of their bed, so we did as what they desired, with some flower vases as decoration on top of the TV wooden frame. Some graphic paintings were also added to the walls as decorative elements.

As you can see in the architectural renders a floor lamp and two table lamps on the side tables were placed in the interior design for having even more dramatic and diverse lighting possibilities.

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