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The Interior Design of a Wooden Walk-In Closet

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wooden shelves and drawers of a modern walk-in closet with parquet flooring and round seating
  • interior space of a wooden walk-in closet with parquet flooring
  • wooden shelves of a modern walk-in closet with round lighting and furniture
Walk-in closets have always been represented as a sign of prosperity. In cinemas, sometimes walk-in closets are owned by wealthier characters, full of exclusive dresses and luxurious accessories. Nowadays, walk-in closets are not just for Aristocratic class.

Anybody can design and own space to keep their stuff in a walk-in closet, and this project is an example of it. A walk-in closet should be stylish and useful at the same time, and this project is a great demonstration of these features.

From an elegant shoe stand, tie-rack and numerous drawers to regular cloth-hangs and large mirrors, this walk-in closet can completely meet your needs for dressing. A modern round lighting and round furniture under it take the stylishness and functionality of this walk-in closet to the next level.

This wood-themed project is every dress lover’s dream. The dark color wood material adds luxury and magnificence to space while many shelves and drawers guarantee that our clients have a sufficient amount of space to organize all their clothes, shoes and other staffs.

Our architectural visualization team chose parquet flooring for the space to create harmony with the shelves material and enhance the warm atmosphere of this walk-in closet. The round seat is placed on a dark color carpet so the user will have a more comfortable experience while using the seat.

The round ceiling light provides the main light of the space, but every shelf has its lighting design that creates sufficient light to find and recognize the right color of the objects. This project is a great example of how design can improve any space to a useful and important place.

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