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The Modern Landscape Design of The Museum

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the wooden outdoor seating area and pools in a modern museum landscape
  • waterfalls and large pools in the landscape design of the museum
  • exterior stairs and seating areas of a museum landscape
  • large water pool and gardens in a museum landscape design
  • large gardens and water pools in the modern landscape design of a museum
This project is a museum landscape. Our designers designed this museum in modern style. large flower gardens, pools, and built-in benches are some of the landscape's signature features in this project.

The maze-like characteristics permit diverse environmental experiences based on the purpose and speed of the users: straight, wide roads for fast walkers, runners, and emergency vehicles, variety of narrower walking paths accommodating users who prefer to swiftly reach their different destinations throughout the district, and a third path type attracting more wandering visitors through gardens and onto the steps in a more flowing, relaxed and relaxed style. Our architectural 3D modeling team tried to create highly realistic and detailed views of this museum lanscape from multiple angles.

Our designers’ concept describes a statement for the importance of clean water and the significance of our natural resources. Water is the linking circulation system of our world and a valuable source on which life on earth continues. Water is the chief designer of our environment. It makes up two-thirds of our body, like the map of the world. As evident in examples of displaying water in pictures, in this landscape project, we demonstrated water in multiple, varied and playful forms, from still water in mirror-like pools to vertical plane waterfalls and linear fountains.

Contradictory to static water which increases serenity of natural surroundings, the soft splash of a fountain brings motion and life and to space. It attracts more birds than still water alone, and its soothing soundtrack transforms the landscape into a peaceful yet lively retreat. The pools are attuned with the synthesis of gardens and paths based on their environmental affordances.

The steps throughout the landscape, which draw the borderline of different kind of pathways, end as planters for grasses, trees, herbs, and flowers and the created higher level will serve as a communal garden for visitors and available for a variety of social events. All plant species selected for this project are Germany’s indigenous plants which somehow turn this museum landscape into a botanical garden as well, increasing the knowledge of users and passengers about nature’s features of the region.

Lighting elements of this museum landscape are minimal. Lightings were intended not to be so bold but simultaneously soothe the night landscape with pleasant soft spotlights. The placement arrangement of the vertical tubular lighting elements are adapted to the borderlines of the pathways and are placed on the edge of the green higher level

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