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Tourism Welfare complex Design in Oman

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exterior view of tourism welfare complex in Oman with full facilities and green parts and gardens
  • an outdoor pool of tourism welfare complex in a central courtyard
  • playground of tourism welfare complex in Oman
  • parking area of tourism welfare complex in the desert
  • interior space of a small office in the container
  • interior space of a kitchen in the container with dark color cabinets and parquet flooring
  • interior space of Tourism Welfare residential unit with a large metal container
  • exterior space of a Tourism Welfare complex created with containers
  • commercial part of tourism welfare complex in the desert created with containers
  • bird view of tourism welfare complex created with containers in bright color and gardens
  • interior space of a bedroom in the container with parquet flooring and white beds
  • The plan of a commercial tourism welfare complex
The project site is located in Oman country and regards to our client's concern we tried to use sustainable architecture as much as possible. For achieving this result, we designed based on local architecture, since the traditional architecture of any place can give the most reasonable and complete answer to its climate and culture.

In this warm and sunny climate, central courtyard architecture can be a great answer to the climate. Our client wanted to use available containers in the building site because it is cheap and can be used again and again and it’s recyclable, and with a small amount of insulation, it can act very well in heating and cooling.

Sun had an important effect on choosing the building's direction. We oriented the direction of the building to hit the smallest amount of possible sunlight.

Because the project site had a large amount of sunshine, we tend to have the least amount of heat from the sun. Sun's height and direction were minded in the exterior, and interior design and the location of windows and cover shades are chosen with having this in mind.
The glass types are chosen from the ones that have advanced technology to have greater insulation. Although they cost more, they will reduce energy consumption and will be profitable in the long run. The volume and openings of the residential units are designed in a way that can guide cool wind into the unit during nights.

Green elements like trees and plants can preserve the building from extra sun's heat and Disturbing wind and even can have a good effect on domestic air conditioning. For this reason, we placed green areas between every commercial and residential space.

External color can have a great impact on energy gained from sunshine. Using bright colors is the best choice in this climate to reflect the daylight and keep interior space as cool as possible.

Tent structures in the site can open and close automatically and gather the rainwater and transfer it to the underneath channel. Our client can use this gathered water for watering the green sites. And even more with the same ideas and strategies, this water can be used for the bathroom.

Solar panels on the roofs can provide free electrical energy. Our architectural planning team considered a solar water heater for bathroom and restrooms suits.

The most useful angle of a solar panel in this location is something between 13 to 26 degrees, and the panels can be reoriented every three months to have their maximum efficiency.

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