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Reasons to do outsourcing work in a new business

What Makes Outsourcing Work the Best Way to Go Sometimes?

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It’s a dangerous world out there! It might seem a little gloomy to say this anywhere but it won’t sound like an exaggeration to two kinds of people. One is in politics where there’s no mercy for a misstep where your second chance is your end! The other one which is precisely our topic is in the business world; especially when you are thriving as a new fish to stay in the game.

As the founder of a startup or the CEO of a big firm, sometimes options that might seem like a stretch at first are your only way out of a dire situation you’ve found yourself in. One of the most established wildcards at the time of need for big or small companies all alike is outsourcing.

Reasons for outsourcing work - as in using outside force to do a job that doesn’t seem to be reasonable to be handled by in-house staff - can range from taking up the global stage as your company’s playground to lifting the time-consuming labor work and free up your valuable human resource for other yielding tasks.

There is a slew of other advantages of outsourcing project work which we will get to here, one by one. But it is important to note that we are not just going to praise the idea. We are not going to turn a blind eye on the disadvantages of outsourcing work at all.

We will dip into the threats that might be lurking behind each one of these advantages of outsourcing project work as well.

We will simply review some of the most effective reasons for outsourcing work by evaluating each one’s ups or downs.

Here are the reasons for outsourcing. Both for big businesses and small startups; especially the ones that are trying to make their mark on the map.

Outsourcing work is sometimes an easy shortcut to the top league

A small start-up has big aspirations and that makes the force they have at hand, as much small or big as it is, fall short behind their demand and expectations.

So, outsourcing work might mean a way to take bigger leaps with less in-house staff and worry less about their sluggish needs.

Advantages of outsourcing project work can play an early booster in the career of a single project or a start-up and inject a temporary partner’s professional energy into the company’s veins and muscle them up while they are actually still an agile business poised to take over the world.

Cut the costs, a whole lot

One of the reasons for outsourcing work is that it lifts a long list of responsibilities off your shoulders as the manager.

You won’t have to bear apprenticeship terms for your employees and tolerate any human capital learning curve as an in-house team requires. So according to statistics, one of the advantages of outsourcing project work is that it decreases labor cost by 20 to 30 percent, comparing to a full-time internal team.

These are all aside from the overhead expense of pensions and customary bonuses.

You can afford changing your business model with lower cost and risk

For you as the manager, another one of the advantages of outsourcing project work, is that when you outsource some of your firm’s functions over a simple contract, you will practically detach yourself from anything inside the box of that section in your business.

So, this box of your outsourcing work can be swiftly replaced with a new one when you’re changing or growing your services and plug yourself to a new group of partners.

Put your focus on the core of your business through outsourcing work

Everybody’s good and special at something.

So, asking for help on something you’re not quite best at and you want to be perfectly done, is nothing to be ashamed of. If you think about it, it is actually a way for you to focus on what you can do best.

So, one of the best advantages of outsourcing project work is that you will be confident that all the various teams you’re directing for a product are best at what they do without getting yourself involved with how they’ve come to learn their job.

A Partner without any usual partner nonsense

One of the reasons for outsourcing work can be dealing with pros in the field that are offering their services and thoughts to your problem but you will also secure the last decision to yourself.

An expert team that does their job well can give you great insights along the way.

You’re actually enjoying professional associates without having to deal with the headaches of an actual contending partner.

Guarantee your sustainability

The market for small businesses and startups has been a busy field in the past decade. This thriving environment means a harder route to survive and succeed.

By choosing outsourcing work as a rather cheap way to carry your weight, you will up your chance of success and prosperity in a booming market with too many competitors and use one of the top advantages of outsourcing project work to the fullest.

Buy cheap expertise

Hiring and supporting full-time technicians in house is expensive. Especially in today’s high-demand competitive professional market. So, outsourcing such services give you an easy shortcut to success.

Employing an experienced, talented team would make much more sense than having a handful of high-priced full-time technicians in house.

The specialized world we live in is the macro visualization of such phenomenon. Industries and businesses thrive by leaving each part of the job to an expert section of the workforce to collaboratively work together.

Being able to effectively communicate and collaborate on different portions of a project is another one of the advantages of outsourcing project work. So, with the right partner, you’ll have expertise brought to you all the same and better, and the crux of it is lower net-cost for the project.

Here, you can check out how to cut your costs through our outsourcing work services.

Boost your firm’s productivity

Most firms don’t just work on a single project at a given time. Passed a certain point along the development of your small business or startup, there’s usually a pipeline of projects that have to be dealt with simultaneously.

We’re not speaking out of terms here, because such description that raises the need for outsourcing work is usually what happens to companies with such scopes.

The ones that have gained enough fame by securing good projects will have sufficient financial support to outsource and eventually overtake bigger projects.

One advantages of outsourcing project work as a result, is that they can put their focus on what they do best; leaving some of the labor-work to a trusted third-party firm and make sure quick revisions can easily be made.

Plus, popular destinations for overseas outsourcing work are usually countries like China and Malaysia (that is where we are by the way! Check us out!)

So, for instance, the time difference can play as yet another perk of outsourcing to European or American firms.

For example, you can have an end-of-the-night order ready by the next morning when you enter the office and all the work is practically taken care of when your team is slacking off at home or a party.

Market your product the way it deserves

On the same note as boosting productivity as one of the advantages of outsourcing project work, the freed time can be dedicated to marketing campaigns for the company and brandishing its outstanding work.

The time can be put to properly promoting their business in the emerging market they are competing in.

See how you can take back a big chunk of your firm’s time and energy back into marketing your genius right, when you efficiently outsource the right part to us.

Setbacks are not as time and resource-consuming anymore

Since you don’t have any concern about the quality and performance of the results you get from a trusted outsourcing work partner, a firm with professional team members of its own, will achieve extra free time on your packed schedule behind a deadline.

So, setbacks and major modifications won’t take as long or at least you’ll have time to handle them correctly which could potentially be another one of the advantages of outsourcing project work.

Plus, you’re only at the start of a road that your professional outsourcing work partner has been down to, a bunch of times.

So, outsourcing comes to rescue when your partner knows its way about the part they are assigned to and the chance to come to revisions in the first place will get much lower.

Constant care and support

It is customary that all well-established outsourcing work providers offer 24/7 support service. So, one of the biggest reasons for outsourcing would be the time-independent communication with your partner.

Something you probably can’t have with a full-time technician that leaves after the end of the business day.

Although ineffective communication has been reported as one of the biggest disadvantages of outsourcing work but that won’t be the case when you’ve carefully chosen the right outsourcing partner.

It’s what makes sense

Down the road, it is always about how you have to loosen up your pocket. Outsourcing work overseas can be all the rage since it helps the global economy and makes demanding and labor and cost-intensive projects feasible and all the more financially reasonable.

These all can be advantages of outsourcing project work that brought the whole idea to the table in the first place.

Plus, fees for the same service can vary greatly through different countries for reasons we won’t get to here, but the upshot is that the finished price for the same service can do a nose-down dive.

Take a look at our team of architects and designers in Asia and Europe and see their impressive cost-saving record in a long list of projects.


Reasons for outsourcing work can be cutting costs through less staff and office space, cheaper software and hardware run and support for service-based companies rather than manufacturing vendors, competitive fees and more productive revision-proof handling of your project.

Although, inefficient communication, lack of knowledge through having different standards, and long-term dependency concerns as the primary disadvantages of outsourcing work; all of which can be properly taken care of by choosing the right partner.

Mitchel Sardy
Author: Mitchel Sardy
I am a Computer Engineer and an architecture enthusiast, graduated on both majors up to the master's degree from the University of Washington; I'm an advisor to early-stage architecture startups all around the globe; the ones using computer-based solutions to design in architecture.

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