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ZCR Headquarter Tower High-Tech Design

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company headquarter glass facade
The new ZCR company headquarters looks different because it performs differently: except one solid tower we chose to build two separated towers and the building skin is designed to maximize the sustainable performance and workplace comfort in the local cloudy climate.

Glass facade will allow the maximum use of natural light and can reduce the electricity usage in this climate. The ZCR company headquarter facade is also stretched out and two smooth deformations create large spaces for extra good views on meeting rooms, executive clubs, and other spaces.

It is designed to look and feel like a new social space and an obvious landmark at the main axis of the city. Our designers made this concept design for the new ZCR company headquarter at the heart of the city’s business district and provided outcomes by architectural graphic tools. Converting a site which was previously occupied by a parking structure from the 1960s to this120-meter-tall building which will include the commercial center on its ground floor. Inside, the building will include offices, 158 serviced residential units, and ancillary retail space.

At the ground floor, visitors to the building will be met with a public commercial space and gardens, featuring a number of "activity pockets" which provide space for fitness sessions, art installations, or other community events. This space will flow into the Theater apace, a 16-meter-high space inside the tower which creates gathering space for events and also for a theater performance.

The offices for ZCR company headquarter are placed on the highest floors for employees to enjoy views of the city and natural outdoor landscape, while the remaining floors are rentable office space From the street level, a series of walls are pulled open for visitors to enter the commercial spaces from the east and west end of the buildings, while employees enter from the front plaza into the daylight-filled lobby.

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John Balash




Sylvia Stalling, Isabel woodman, Emil Ahmad

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