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About OutSourcePlan

Who Are We

OutsourcePlan was founded in 2009 when we felt the urge for a robust collaborative solution to architectural services. We trust that any architecture project can be carried out with a worldwide standard approach that tends to our customers’ local needs and responds well to their specific domestic problems.

After traditionally shipping out our services for 8 years and reaching the adequate scope and team experience, in 2017, we connected our wide net of architects, technicians, graphic designers, and industry experts and launched a centralized platform through OutsourcePlan.com to reach out to the global market and play in the big league.

As an outsourcing partner, we’ve had an outstanding record in managing to secure and successfully satisfy our numerous clients’ expectations from all over the globe. We have been the partner of choice to various architectural firms and individuals from France, UK, Italy, Spain, North America, and Asia for parts or the whole of their sophisticated projects.

Our international web of skilled engineers, architects, industry and construction experts, graphic designers, and technicians is easily reachable to our clients through this online platform. At our core, we have a growing number of more than 50 skilled staff just to deliver our services; 15 of whom are specially put together as our architecture team.

OutsourcePlan’s central headquarters in the Philippines and its main representatives in Europe (currently in UK, Germany, France, and Italy and expanding) show our accountability and commitment to the global market.

Our Mission

We hunt domestic challenges with an international approach.
We have come to believe in the huge potential lying in outsourcing. Particularly in an ever-specializing world of industry and design, outsourcing can mean cutting costs by allocating each specific job to its experts.
We collaboratively work with our representatives and clients across the world to gain maximum quality and customer satisfaction and let our clients focus on where they shine. Of course, this is all done with the most reasonable flexibility in budget and timeline through the power of outsourcing and the robust business-model it offers.
The world is our field and we have a long list of clients to back us up. We know how to play this field by shooting for the maximum with the minimum we have.

Why Us

Choose Among Solutions We Have Tailored Just for You

We have an extensive variety of options for you to choose from. Whether it is a major delivery of a gigantic project your firm has been working on for months, or a peripheral part of a project you wanna make sure goes well and doesn’t get in the way of your true talent, or you’re behind a crushing deadline and you need part-time or full-time staff ready at your disposal, OutsourcePlan can be your number one outsourcing partner of choice.

Effective Communication

The Collective effort and progress of our team of engineers, architects, construction experts, graphic designers, and technicians can be monitored and inquired by our 24/7 on-call communication channel. Our constant help desks can answer your inquiries and update check-ups on your project via video calls, practically at any time. So, no matter how far away our outsourcing staffs reside from you, it might be just possible to have your job ordered when you leave the office and have it ready the next morning.

A Simple, Hassle-Free Journey

We only stick to the necessary paperwork to ensure our clients’ trust and prevent all the legal ambiguities for both parties. By filling in a straightforward online contract, you can have an outsourcing partner in minutes.
Since we move up all the payment arrangements to only after our client’s final approval we will steer clear of any thick paperwork when you sign on for our services, no matter how big or small they are.

Modify till It Gets Right

Another advantage that gives us the edge over our competitors, is our editing protocol.
More than our competitors’ average quota, our clients have opportunities to make reasonable changes to their initial documents all along our collaboration. Should there be an implementation fault on our side, one that is contradictory to our settled terms, unlimited editing is offered till the issue’s overcome.
This will immensely take down the risks of a distant outcome from the expected final result. We work toward an effective dynamic with our clients to make sure your project’s in check all along. So, you will have a fair chance to make necessary changes.

The Power of Outsourcing

There are huge cost efficiencies to outsourcing. You will hugely cut on staff recruitment and training costs, physical office provision and maintenance, software purchase and support, and all other overhead expenditures that come with them.

Above sparing yourself of such financial strains, by outsourcing your work to the expert team of a trusted partner, you will free up your most valuable resource; your time. You will have the precious time you have all to attend to what you’re best at; your core business.

Try It! It’s Risk-Free!

You won’t risk any resource until you get just what you need. It is literally free till the second you approve the final result.
Besides offering a Money-Back Guarantee policy on all our services that revolves around our clients’ approval, our payment arrangements are all negotiable. We make sure both our short and long-term contracts are flexibly settled according to what our client firms prefer.

Our Record and Portfolio Range

Our targeted architectural services to the global market divide into three main categories.

3D Services:
help with modeling a building in 3D and visualizing it. Different types of 3D visualization like 3D rendering, animation, and VR walkthroughs can help you present your project to the stakeholders just the way you want it. You can work on your design concept and leave the menial time-consuming parts to us.

2D Services:
are where we help you draft your 2D documentation. Presenting technical drawings of your building’s plan, section, and elevation, converting miscellaneous 2D files to standard CAD drawings, detailing your half-developed 2D documents all the way for construction, and generating Isometric representations of your building are a part of our 2D services.

Architectural Presentation:
are where we help you showcase your genius in the most eye-catching, illustrative and yet insightful way possible. This can mean creating the theme and composition of your presentation sheets or actually building your physical scale-model.

Here are our KPI records since our outsourcing debut in 2018:

Right First Time (R.F.T)

69% of all our first deliverables have been approved by our clients on first try

Average Setup Time

An average of 5 hours from when we receive initial documents to the project kick-off.

On-Time Delivery (OTD)

96% of our projects have been within our turnaround time (TAT) framework

Customer Satisfaction

97% customer satisfaction through our verbal and check-box surveys we’ve given our clients after delivery

Cost Efficiency

‪46 to 84 percent, due to variant human resource costs in different countries of our representatives‬‬‬
Feel free to check the recent projects we’ve accomplished for clients from all around the world. Projects we’ve done for our French, Italian, Spanish, and American clients and a score of other domestic and international architecture firms around the world.