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There’s a long way between what you have in mind and what you end up getting in real life. An employer’s architectural design idea has to be properly captured by the architect. He or she has to make sure to figure out exactly what the employer has in mind and try to find a common ground between construction mandates and what the employer sometimes vaguely shares. Here at OutsourcePlan we help make this dialogue smooth and effective.

Architectural Services in OutsourcePlan’s service tree diagram

The tool to make the bridge between the two is dialogue and communication. But what language should be used? How you feel and what you have in mind couldn’t be conveyed by just talking. Here’s where “Architectural Services” enter. They are portrayals of our thoughts about a special quality we seek in a building.

With frequent visualizing tools in two and three dimensions that bounce back and forth between the employer and the team of architects, they can converge to what the employer really has in mind and hone the crude idea to a satisfying sculpture.

Just like a human language that we use to say the simplest things all the way to the most complicated philosophical notions, Architectural Services can span a wide range too.

From the simplest and most general exhibitions of a building’s architectural relations to the most detailed construction documents, the architect and employer can understand what they have in mind and find the best solution. Then you can easily present your rather complicated architectural ideas to the unprofessional.

The demanding exchange of ideas and documents between the employer or a potential customer and the architect makes it reasonable to outsource the job of modeling, visualization, preparing construction documents, and presentation to the ones who’ve made these services their specialty. So the troubles of being punctual in delivering the project, caused by the diverse set of documents that has to be prepared on time, justify outsourcing to architectural services.

Another consideration is the costs of running a collaborative professional on-call team specifically for the purposes of modeling, visualization, preparing construction documents, and presenting them. The physical infrastructure, software support, accommodation and so on, might be a huge financial burden to provide and maintain. So it might be just the right thing to do; to pass the job over to a coherent professional team.

Only an effective visual communication between the two parties, as offered in Comprehensive Architectural Services, can guarantee success for an architectural project. The team of architects and technicians here at OutsourcePlan accompany the employer and tend to his concerns from the outset to the end of the project.

Our Architectural Services at Outsources plan divides into three main separate categories :

- 2D Drafting of Architectural Services
As an important part of every architectural project, we’ll make sure you have the 2D documents of your projects delivered to your employer on time. All the 2D representations and technical documentation are created by the latest applications available.

- 3D Architectural Services
3D portraits or animations try to regenerate our real perceptions of different places. The closer they are to how we appreciate a real-life situation, the better. Complicated space relations can be better understood by 3D representations. Both 3D Modeling and 3D Visualization that are offered by our teams try to get as close a result to what you have in mind as possible. The effective dialogue between our team and the client.

- Architectural Presentation
The final outcome every employer gets, upon which bases his judgment, is the presentation you put together to showcase all the genius of your idea and design. To tell your story the simplest way possible.
It is effective to the point that it could make up for any probable fault in your documentation. Our seasoned graphical design team makes sure you have the most eye-catching yet effective and insightful presentation of your work to your employer in the shortest feasible time.

Why Us?

At OutsourcePlan we provide a step-by-step path of appreciating the client’s needs and design ideas, visualizing his thoughts and correcting them, modeling and preparing construction documents, and finally presenting them in the most expressive way possible.

Documents that shed a light on not only the final design but the whole process of design; Starting from the first sparkles of the architect and employer’s ideas, leading to the final construction development and detailed plans and further documents.

Through our dynamic and collaborative team of architects, graphic designers, animation experts, and landscape architects, we can deliver on-time, consistent architectural services that include concept development, 2D and 3D display and animations of the design, and technical documentation plus the required support all along the way.

Here are the core set of principles that makes OP different than other firms in the field :

  • World-class quality standards built on our client’s preference
  • Professionally-trained team of experts with International work background
  • Data protection through secure web-based channels
  • Reasonable prices for high quality architectural services
  • Scalability : we provide the most editable, scalable output
  • Effective Team Dialogue with the Client to reach the best output on the first go
  • Attentive 24/7 Client Service

With our talented interdisciplinary team of engineers, who’ve been professionally practicing architectural services, we support our client’s needs 24/7 throughout the whole process from architectural programming and early stages of developing ideas and take it to the final construction phase.

Our long-standing practice has enabled us to offer various architectural services including modeling, visualization, preparing construction documents, and presentation in a wide range of architecture types; Commercial, Residential, Cultural, Sacred, Healthcare, Social and Urban Centers, Industrial, and Transportation-related designs to name a few. You could check out our projects here.

All services we offer in different areas of architectural practice mentioned earlier are divided into three main categories of Interior, Exterior, and Landscape. Each one is assigned to a specialized team that collaboratively proceed the project as a whole together.

Tools We Use to Implement Architectural Services

Here are some the most popular tools our teams use to implement your project :

Depending on what you’d prefer, our diverse team of engineers can develop and deliver the project in a wide range of applications available for this field. The most well-known ones are as follows:

1. AutoCAD
Is prominently used for creating 2D construction documents and also as a 3D isometric modeling tool. It can help build the 3D model for visualization on a solid 2D basis.

2. 3Ds Max
Is a mainstream software for architectural 3D modeling; but it can do a wide range of Architectural 3D visualization services like 3D mechanical and construction modeling, architectural rendering, and 3D walk-through and fly-through representations of a building. So it’s one of the main tools to make 3D walk-through animation visualization.

3. Revit
The name Revit is short for “Revise it”; meaning you can start modeling any building in as much detail as you like while being able to fully revise every element along the way and having the relevant pieces adjusted automatically. It practically allows us to make changes up to the most fundamental scope possible through our 3D architectural visualization services.

It’s a much more than a geometric simulation environment in that it comprises architectural rendering tools, an extensive repository of building components, and the framework for any BIM-oriented project; So rather than just a building, you can simulate the construction process with all its time and cost requirements. Aside from 3Ds Max and Rhino, Revit can also provide powerful 3D architectural rendering services and animation visualizations of your design.

4. ArchiCAD
Is another 3D modeling software, that is more focused on applying BIM tools on your model. It helps deepen the visualization of your design down to the construction stages of your project; all of which could be visualized in 3d Architectural renderings, animations, and VR services.

5. Rhinoceros
Is a powerful modeling tool with an industry-wide precision; responding to industrial engineers, jewel designers, architects, and a score of other fields. It utilizes NURBS geometry which allows curved objects to be modeled precisely with a light computational load. A myriad of plug-ins are available to create interactive 3D architectural animations and VR outputs.

6. Grasshopper
Is a plug-in for Rhino that’s specifically developed for modeling parametric designs that are often based on an algorithm. It allows complicated algorithmically-generated patterns to be easily modeled, really fast.

7. SketchUp
Provides an easy way to model your 2D and 3D documents, similar to hand-drawn sketches. It also does 3D rendering services. SketchUp is best for creating renders and 3D animation visualizations with thin calculation load.

8. V-Ray (Chaos Group)
Is a powerful plug-in for a number of 3D rendering services like Rhino and 3Ds Max, that lets you create life-like 3D Architectural Visualization Services.

9. Maxwell
Is a rendering engine, providing real-life 3D architectural rendering services for architectural and industrial design.

10. Lumion
Is a simple, easy-to-use software for visualizing 3D models; it also has a broad stack of different material, lighting, and landscaping options. It has a significantly lower rendering time load comparing to Maxwell and V-Ray which comes at the cost of more animation-like renders rather than real portrayals. It is one of the fastest ways to create 3D visualizations.

11. Mental Ray
Is a 3D rendering software engine developed by Autodesk that fairly offers the same features as Maxwell but since it’s much more deeply integrated into Autodesk family, the transition of 3D model files would be more convenient.

12. Corona
Is a powerful rendering engine that mounts on different platforms like 3Ds Max and provides real visualizations of any interior, exterior, and aerial architectural design.

13. Photoshop
One of the oldest, most renowned tools in the computer era that’s been around for nearly 3 decades now. It is the main tool for making the after effects on architectural renderings that are known as post-production. Adjusting lighting and texture flaws that often requires a new rendering with a heavy time and calculation load, can easily be fixed with a touch or two in Photoshop.