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the seven-stories building with curtain wall façade, Siemense

All You Need to Know about Revit Modeling Services

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Technology is changing as more inventions are brought forward to improve our day to day lives, from innovation in simple tasks to complex systems. And the construction industry is no exception. Innovation is seen as enablers for integrating the processes ‘integrating the team’ such as building information modeling (BIM).

If you are an engineer, a project's client or a contractor, BIM service allows you to save your time and money and avoid clashes and disorder. With BIM service, you increase the integration in construction documentation, reduce the amount of rework needed on any given job, and have the opportunity to plan it right before you build onsite. Also, you can avoid last-minute changes and unforeseen issues by enabling easy reviewing and commenting across multiple disciplines.

Autodesk Revit is on the table of companies that offer BIM services for the Architectural, Structural, MEP (mechanical, electrical, piping), and Façade domains, for you. It focuses on helping you in the various phases of your project, including design, 3D modeling, shop drawing development, construction, and As Build modeling. But how Revit and BIM services benefit you and take your project to the next level? You might well ask. Here I bring all you need to know about Revit modeling services. Let’s get down to it.

a 3D model of a building to describe 3D modeling process using Revit modeling services

What is Revit modeling service and what does it do

Revit is a software for providing building-specific documentation, supporting all phases and disciplines involved in a building project. It is the most widely utilized Building Information Modeling authoring software in the construction industry and is a great choice for 3D modeling service on your project. It can provide a single source, all-encompassing modeling service for the different requirement of your project such as architectural and Structural modeling, and MEP modeling. Many architectural companies offer Revit modeling services. These services include architecture modeling, structure modeling, as-built models, Revit drafting, and MEP services.

Revit helps you to recreate the real architectural construction

Revit modeling services can help in recreating the real architectural construction as a detailed 3D model, and even in presenting the result in realistic, high-quality images – all in one. Also, Revit 3D models are the most explicit guides for contractors that make their working process faster, smoother, and better organized.

Revit modeling is useful in creating highly detailed 3D models and transmitting dimensions in the most accurate way for both real architectural objects and buildings in the development. For example, the latest versions of Revit include aerial imagery and digital elevation along with laser scans of existing infrastructure and landscape. Such instruments allow designing 3D versions of real constructions easier and with high accuracy. In addition, the advanced tools of Revit significantly reduce errors of size and proportions, as well as save time by minimizing corrections. Revit modeling is incredibly useful from an engineering point of view because the detail and functionality of this software take architectural drawings to a new level of quality and realism.

Revit makes project’s development more effective and fast

Revit modeling services is ideal for collaborative work on a constructional project because it increases integration in the project's documents and allows all chosen data to be stored in one project and be available for multiple users at once. So, we can say that the Revit service could make the constructional project's development more effective and fast. Also, Revit enables to share 3D models in progress and coordinate tasks among everyone working on the project. As a result, every step of a project merges with other steps, so that every specialist could give input into the process. It increases the speed of the workflow, and you can get a high-quality result even within the tightest deadline.

the construction process of a six-stories building with curtain wall facade

Revit reveals the imperfections of a building structure at the early stages

Revit modeling services reveal the imperfections of a building structure at the early stages. The detailed scanning of 3D models helps to find these flaws and fix them before finishing the work. It’s especially crucial for the approval of the project in the calculation and civil services before the start of construction. Moreover, detecting errors in the structure at the designing stage will save a lot of time and money during the construction process of a building, as there won’t be any need to redo anything.

Revit reduces the budget for unnecessary materials and resources

Architects and Contractors choose Revit modeling services to calculate the required amount of materials for constructing a building. Revit is an ultimate instrument to convey the project scope, steps, and outcome as accurately as possible. It helps you to reduce the budget for unnecessary materials, minimize waste of resources, and make project execution more effective. Waste minimization is a benefit which is truly all you as an architect, contractor, or a client want.

Revit outsourcing services can bring big benefits to your business

Outsourcing architectural services is a good solution for architectural companies, and cost reduction is one of the main reasons why they outsource. Many companies offer BIM and Revit services and deliver accurate results for clients. Outsourcing these services, allow you to lower expenditures on fixed costs and control variable costs that can result in significant savings, also by turning over these, you can fully attend to your core business processes. You can free up internal resources by using Revit outsourcing services; it means you allocate resources to other functions or your reserves. Also, you can gain access to resources; this is incredibly good for you, especially when your company is experiencing internal resource crunches.

a 3D model of a building in Autodesk Revit software

a part of the MEP modeling of a building with details, in Revit software


BIM is as an intelligent process for planning, designing, providing buildings' documents, and managing buildings and infrastructure projects. The approach of BIM software programs such as Revit and ArchiCAD makes it easy to produce coherent architectural designs. Architectural software programs of this kind also enable to calculate the mass of a building, the number of materials needed in an instant, and its overall cost. BIM software like Revit is designed not only for the architects, but also for MEP (mechanical, electrical, piping) and structural designers.

The shared program of BIM facilitates communication between the teams, and it increases the integration in the project. Revit modeling services help you to recreate the real architectural construction. Also, Revit makes project’s development more effective and fast, it reduces the budget for unnecessary materials and resources, and it reveals the imperfections of a building structure at the early stages.

We offer architectural services for a wide range of different projects. All the details in your architectural design of several projects have to be within the construction and fabrication bounds while conforming to numerous regulations that apply; a demanding task that’s the mission of our Revit modeling and architectural detailing teams of architects and technicians at OutsourcePlan.

Kate Silva
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