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A Modern Residential Building Façade Design

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modern façade of a residential building with natural brown wood and white cement
The façade word refers to one side, typically the front, of a house or apartment. It is an essential piece of the total design process of a building. It offers the chance to create a character and personality for a building.

Facades can be designed in many forms and sizes, and it was a great chance for our architects to showcase their talent by designing this residential complex façade and help to bring this beautiful building to life.

Cladding building façade with timber is a great approach due to timber’s environmental qualifications, cost, beautiful an attractive texture and its ease of use. Timber cladding has allowed our designers to create a unique facade that provides value for this residential building, as well as create spectacular aesthetics.

A timber façade lets us create an extreme texture that isn’t probable with other materials. Natural wood creates very clean and tidy finishes for this apartment. White cement surfaces are combined with natural wood to bring balance to the colors and textures of the building façade.

We shouldn’t forget the lighting effect on a façade. There are so many lighting options for exterior lighting, we decided to use spotlights under the ceilings in the architectural modeling of this project to brighten up terraces and overall building façade. Also, some two-sided wall lightings in some places create a dramatic lighting effect.

In the entrance area and street level, we used just white cement to create simplicity and prevent chaotic atmosphere for pedestrians.

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