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Modern Hotel Interior and Exterior Design

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exterior view of a modern hotel near a river
  • luxury parking of a modern hotel with hidden wall lighting
  • parking ramp of a modern hotel with hidden ceiling lights
  • hotel swimming pool with golden walls patine
  • modern hotel room interior design with parquet flooring
  • an outdoor Theater
  • high gloss walls and natural light in modern hotel room interior space
  • a modern hotel room with concrete finishes
  • luxury hotel restaurant bright stone flooring and vintage furniture
  • modern contemporary hotel with bright exterior design
  • interior space of a luxury hotel pool with wooden ceiling and spotlights
  • site plan of a modern hotel with bright façade materials
  • Architectural site plan model of a modern hotel
  • Hand drawn black and white sketch of the modern hotel site plan
  • Conceptual sketches of the modern hotel above the river
  • Concept sketch design of a hotel in mountain
  • A close-up view from the architectural model of a modern hotel
  • Architectural model of a large hotel with outdoor theater
  • The waterfront model of a modern hotel
  • floor plan of a modern hotel
  • floor plan of a modern hotel
  • floor plan of a modern hotel
  • floor plan of a modern hotel
  • A detailed architectural model of a modern hotel
  • Bird view photo of a modern hotel model
  • Black and white sketch of a modern hotel
  • White architectural model of hotel by the sea
  • A long modern hotel by the sea architectural model
The project site is at a corner of a village, where there is a small river on the north, on the east side is a mountain, and the west side is the main village area. Between the center area of the village and the site, there is the main village road which is the main access to the hotel.

A hotel’s exterior design and facade is something that a visitor notices as the first thing when they enter any hotel. Many guests make the hotel’s complete judgment only by its exterior design, while there are travelers who look at the exterior design of any hotel and decide whether they should stay there or use its services or not.

Therefore the exterior design of any hotel should be chosen very intelligently. In this project, our architectural visualization team used white concrete as the main material for exterior design and decorated the façade with the traditional items of the local village to bring the sense of traditional life for guests. The landscape of the hotel comes in the same category and should be acknowledged as well as this project.

Wood flooring is both lovely and enjoyable to walk on. But a solid wood floor is not the only choice. Just like natural wood flooring, parquet which is used on this project is made of 100% wood, and on the surface finish, it can look just the same. The difference lies under the surface.

One of the benefits of a parquet floor is that it is more durable than traditional solid wood flooring and this feature makes it perfect for places with high traffic like hotel rooms. There is a definite appeal to a room with large windows. Most of us would agree that a room with floor to ceiling windows like this hotel room tends to be more wanted than one with fewer and smaller openings.

This windows provide visual access to the beautiful natural outdoors, allow in a lot of natural daylight and can provide fresh air and air circulation if needed.

The luxury restaurant of the Hotel is one of the places which are always in the center of attention so it should be designed with great attention to details and accessories. Leather tiles on the walls, lush and luxury dark color curtains, and unique ceiling lights make this space one of a kind experience.

Restaurant floor needs to pass the regular examination conducted by health organizations, and each zone has a different flooring requirement. In the dining area which is the busiest zones where people chat and eat; therefore, it must be easy to clean, and what’s better than a natural stone with unique tiling and shiny look?

As Hotels around the world have presented spa and swimming pools among their services, they have seen a noteworthy increase in their business, and at the same time becoming multi-seasonal destinations for guests. So it’s very important to create a swimming pool area for hotels which can be memorable and luxury.

The gold patina on the walls and their combination with spotlights make space feel luxury as much as possible, and windows give you access to the surrounding beautiful nature while you are swimming in a controlled climate in cold seasons.

We design each of our projects spending a great amount of time and in a very unique way. Therefore we always create some alternatives to choose the best of them with consulting with our client. But we don’t completely model and render any of these design alternatives, like in this project, for instance, our architectural sketching team rapidly created very precise sketches from our design alternatives, which our client could decide on the best one to be completed in the ongoing design process.

This beautiful black and white sketch is highly detailed and as you may have noticed the sketch is very close to the final renders of the project which will guarantee the accuracy of the final result.

Our most favorite part of the project and its last part is the architectural model making. If making a model for the project is feasible, we always suggest it to our client. An architectural model is a great way to understand all aspects of the project at the same time. Its dynamic and you can choose between infinite specific views of the project to look from.

The architectural model of this project is created with white cardboard and laser cut techniques to guarantee the accurate dimensions for the model. The site plan and the surrounding landscape of the project are also created in a very creative way to have a complete high detailed model of the project.

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