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The Interior Design of a Warm Modern Bedroom

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interior space of a warm modern bedroom with carpet and parquet flooring
  • small modern bedroom interior space with wooden furniture and bright curtain
When it comes to home design, it’s not always about luxury, in reality usually it is a convenience, comfort, and coziness that matters the most to people. This project is one of those, an interior renovation of a bedroom in an ordinary suburb house, as a surprise birthday present from a husband to his beloved wife. Of course, it is on a limited budget. And it must be implemented while they are on a one-week vacation. All in all, it is a kind of project that we’d love to undertake.

Earth tones were chosen for color combination. When going for an all-neutral look, layering different hues of the same color will lead to a sophisticated look. We followed the paint chip families and chose colors that are harmonious with beige. For the walls, a lighter shade of beige without any patterns was selected. The created contrast between simple light walls and darker upholstery increases the emphasis on furniture and the assumption of the walls as a plain background.

An area rug in a color that complements the parquet flooring was chosen because despite parquets being so nice and comfy to walk on, our client wanted a soft rug to double the comfort for when they go to bed or crawl out of it. We chose a rug with dark brown boundary, so the rug and the bed stand out from the wooden floor. Darker shades of brown were selected for wooden TV-table, Thick curtain, and most of the accessories.

Including some or all of the shades, you have used will tie the room together. For a dramatic night lighting, spotlights were used trimming the perimeter of the ceiling plus the built-in linear horizontal lighting on the bedside wall. Two distinguished points in this bedroom will be the black modern metal chandelier and the black wall behind the TV, standing alongside each other.

To add more life to the bedroom, our architectural visualization team decided to add plants to the room, and asked our client of his wife’s favorite plants and flowers, and chose the one which matches our interior design the most. As a special feature for their bedroom, we will print the flower paintings his wife had drawn many years ago to place on the TV table. This bedroom will be one of the most thoughtful gifts possible.

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