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The Interior Design of A Modern, Brown Bedroom

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interior space of a modern bedroom with unique wooden diagonal library and carpet flooring
  • modern bedroom interior space with bright wooden wall and dark color bed and pendant light
  • walking closet with built-in lights and working table in a modern bedroom
Your master bedroom is the most private and one of the main spaces in your apartment. It’s vital for you to consider excellence and ease in designing this room because this room is your gate to your sanctuary of relaxation and comfort.

When most of our clients think of brown, they may think of a dye that isn’t used as a main source of aesthetics. But in our opinion, this color is overlooked in interior design nowadays. Brown can be easily combined with other kinds of materials and colors, it's warm and can create a cozy atmosphere in the room. So we selected this beautiful color to be the main color for bed and interior space.

When it comes down to the material, nothing can compete to the natural and warm loveliness of the wood in the interior space. The exclusive patterns and textures are used in the wall behind the bed to create the sense of luxury in the room. Wood is aesthetically attractive and can be used in all types of rooms, from traditional ones to contemporary.

Lights always can be an independent art piece if you choose them correctly and precisely. In this project, a table lamp and a pendant light are chosen to create a dramatic lighting effect in the room.

A glass walking closet is designed for the room to create a more open and roomy atmosphere in the bedroom. Soft lights under the closet shelf provide the main light source for the closet. Our architectural visualization team placed a tiny and shiny small working table in front of the closet attached to a wooden and unique library.

The flooring material for the bedroom is carpet. Carpet flooring offers the feel of warmness under your foot, mainly in bedrooms and the rooms you want the maximum comfort in them. Walking into a carpeted bedroom offers you a relaxed, expedient and a welcoming feel. Carpet offers real thermal resistance and comfy place to work and rest on. This grey carpet matches every accessories and furniture in the room because of its neutral color.

This bedroom combines the classy look of a modern space with the warmth and comfort and creates a unique and lovely atmosphere.

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