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The Interior Design of a Small Modern Living Room

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warm modern living room with dark parquet flooring and decorative wooden walls
  • bright, modern furniture with wooden coffee table and the white curtain of a small modern living room
Our clients in this project were a young couple who had bought their first home in a modern high-rise residential complex and wanted to renovate their living room interior design. They desired a modern yet warm and cozy atmosphere with the minimum bustle possible.

Its plan was not very professional, with a colossal concrete column at the corner disrupting the rectangular shape of the plan. Considering the demands of our clients, we selected wood as the main material for this project and chose the set of colors around its warm color.

To reform the distortion of the living room plan our designers used built-in shelves and closets, and that front of the room was covered with wooden vertical segments. Our architectural visualization team chose Parquet flooring in harmony with the built-in shelves wall.

The combination of light wooden wall and dark wooden floor enhance the warmth of the space. In comparison to solid wood flooring, parquet flooring is usually cheaper and also more durable, so for this young couple with limited budget parquet was the best choice, being nice to walk on, beautiful and giving the warm quality to the space that our clients desired, it was selected for flooring.

Thick curtains were chosen dark brown in contrast with the light wooden wall, but thin layer of the curtains was white and transmitting maximum natural light from the large window. This way the privacy is guaranteed (being on the first floor and facing another residential building at the front) and at the same time the daylight is welcomed the most.

Modern Sofas and rug are in a cream color to brighten the space, and the round coffee table is wooden. Artificial lighting is simple, with one white floor lamp and on elegant light ceiling lamp, plus hidden lights on the shelves. On the shelves, coffee table and the corner of the living room, white and black modern vases decorate the space with minimal plants in them, adding life to the already warm and cozy living-room.

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