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The Interior Design of a Kid's Bedroom

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child bedroom interior space with cream color bed and white curtains
  • interior space of a child bedroom with white and cream color accessories
It is not a surprise that kids spend a lot of time in their bedroom. Used for asleep, playing and doing homework, this space should be a reflection of their unique and lovely characters.

You’d probably think it’s a simple work to design and decorate children’s bedroom but if you do a little research you will realize that it is easy to get lost in the world of children interior design. Our client in this project asked us to design a Fashionable, practical, fun, cozy and comfy bedroom for their 4-year-old son.

As an accepted rule, most of us would choose to live out our lives under the warm rays of the sun over the glare and buzz of a fluorescent lamp, and when it comes to children it is much more important to use enough natural light in their interior space because it’s vital for their health.

So the interior space specialist in our architectural visualization team decided to use light and bright curtains for the window to let the sun to brighten up the interior space.

The color palette of the space is a very serene and bright, mostly white and cream color. The closet is designed pure white in front of the curtain which helps the user to feel symmetry.

A colorful carpet on the wooden parquet flooring added to the room because children love playing on the ground and hard surfaces like parquet are not very proper for this action.

Star-shaped pendant light and a striped reflective wall are attractive and unique features of this room and who knows this four-year-old is going to have what imaginations through them.

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