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Realistic Design and Renders of a Food Truck

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the night view of a food truck with bulb lights
  • a grey color food truck witch food menu on its door
  • hyper-realistic renders of fast foods
This project was a special one for us; it’s not an everyday thing that an enthusiastic guy knocks on your office door, well I mean E-mail you, asking to create architectural renders of a food truck to convince an organization to be a sponsor for his project proposal: a mobile restaurant. So we eagerly accepted the project. He explained his needs and the budget he could get from the sponsors, the limitations, and his desires.

We reached an agreement on the design, a simple yet attractive start-up proposal that if everything went by the plans, could improve more and more, from the variety of food on the menu and the design and decoration of the truck to the numbers of the trucks owned by him. But for the moment he needed a very realistic picture of his to-be-created food truck to show to the potential sponsors to ensure them of what is going to happen exactly.

So we got the renders as realistic as possible, and even put the guy in his truck, happy and hopeful about the future. The kitchen appliances were placed where they had to, with the materials that our client agreed on. A series of big bulb lights were added to the head of the truck stand for the night light, attracting customers. To save space, we placed the food menu on the truck door.

We even created a render of the foods on his proposal menu, as realistic as it could be. Different type of ingredients and foods are designed precisely, and our architectural visualization team did their best to create hyper-realistic textures for these foods.

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