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landscape designing by an application

The 8 Most Popular Landscape Design Apps

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Design apps

There are some apps for landscape design. Nowadays, employing new technology has enabled app distributors to provide easy landscape drawing. Do you have any information about these apps? In this article, I will provide you, some essential information about the eight most popular landscape design apps including landscape plan, easy landscape design, and backyard design app.

These apps can help in visualizing the landscape processes and landscape plan. Furthermore, they made for modern platforms on smartphones like as Android and IOS. Let us look at some of them:

1. Houzz

In the case you are looking for refurbishing or redesigning, Houzz has all you require to progress towards your easy landscape drawing. Houzz is a greatest identified app for its stunning interior photos.

This landscape app holds 4.8-star scores on iTunes. Be in contact with more than one million experts, like architects, contractors, designers, who can construct your desire house using natural landscape drawing.

  1. shop millions of stuff to complete your projects. Get the excellent Sketch Thoughts for Your Home
  2. Browse through 16 million HD pictures for the landscape plan.
  3. Select by fashion, site or room, like as kitchen or bathroom.
  4. Download and send photos to friends, relations and house experts.
  5. Employ the Draft characteristic to clarify and sketch exactly on pictures from Houzz.
  6. Find Sight and Buy Goods for Your Home
  7. Shop from more than 10 million goods and equipment, like vanities, cabinets, illumination, equipment, tile and more.

taking a photo for Houzz application

Save up to 75% off throughout highlighted sales. Employ Visual Match, our visual recognition technology, to determine and buy goods and resources straightly from pictures on Houzz.

How would a sofa seem in your living room? Choose the Vision in My Room 3D option and utilize the camera on your iPhone or iPad to see 1 million 3D goods.

Seek, employ and cooperate with the excellent House Expert for Your Mission. Link with more than 1.5 million operational home development experts, including architects, universal contractors, inner decorators, restoration experts and more.

2. iScape

Let me introduce you the second landscape app for easy landscape drawing and landscape plan, namely iScape. It devises your outdoor living before real payments, visualizes your scheme on your goods.

We list all the goods on your iScape plans to make requesting easy.

This landscape design app is a further landscape drawing app that gets vast surveys and is perfect for easy landscape drawing for everyone who desires to visit plants in a field earlier than they commence digging.

inscape app in IOS platform

You capture a picture on your mobile or iPad, and then choose plants to make visual “layers” over the photo. Thus, it is an enormous way to visualize your landscaper’s devise in 3D real life-look. Some of the main features: Buy, Install, Save, Share, Collaborate.

3. Landscaper’s Companion – Plant & Gardening Guide

Landscaper’s Companion in IOS platform

You may guess how it works by the name! You are right. Various cultivators and landscape experts globally utilize it to make a landscape drawing. This app has the #1 position guide to all plants involving trees, bushes, annuals, and perennials.

This landscape design app, the landscape app and landscape drawing, includes about 26,000 plants and trees, which you can explore aid you choose precisely all you need on your land.

You will get data regarding the way to develop it, also, stunning photos and the capability to share plant records with others in the form of easy landscape design.

Landscaper's Companion makes an outstanding supply for the casual cultivator, specialized landscaper, aspiring botanist, or anybody looking for a trouble-free plant guide.

4. Garden Plan Pro

You may predict how this app may configure your garden!

Your Vegetable Garden From the producers of the award-winning plant organizer utilized by over 250,000 cultivators, this landscape plan app is the quickest approach to sketch a fruitful vegetable, herb or crop garden and achieve your best harvest!

Design the Ideal Plan With adaptable sketch tools and a wide catalog of plants and varieties. This landscape app makes it comfortable to devise the perfect garden plan, reschedule plants and chase development.

It adapts to Your Location Using data from more than 6,500 weather stations in 20 countries, Garden Plan Pro adapts to your climate, suggested planting and harvesting dates for your area.

Garden plan pro application on a tablet phone

Planting Reminders Garden Plan Pro saves your time by sharing you updates of what time to plant the crops in your two times a month by email.

You can even customize dates for detail plants or varieties. Flexible Tools Unlike recent apps, Garden Plan Pro work with any dimension or figure of the garden.

Whether you plant in usual rows, raised beds, or using the SFG technique, Garden Plan Pro can help you get the perfect sketch for the space you have. Intelligent Advice Garden Plan Pro understands plants. As you add crops, it automatically spaces them rightly.

Crop rotation advice appeared for following plans, and you can plan progression sowing month-by-month to get the most from your plot.

5. SketchUp Free

Let us talk about a great app. SketchUp Free is the most effective method to draw in 3D, now delivered in a web browser. Draw, orbit, and push-pull: make everything you can imagine.

SketchUp Free is a user-friendly app, to utilize 3D modeler. You do not require thousands of buttons and dropdowns for 3D drawing: you do require interval to draw.

It loads in modern network browsers on any functioning system so that you can develop Chromebooks and Linux these days. Also, SketchUp Free is version-less: you are permanently using the fastest, most up-to-date iteration.

SketchUp free app on a tablet phone

6. Landscape design apps Ideas

For high-quality pictures, while finding design idea you may use this landscape plan app.

Top Landscape design apps ideas by best HD pictures, this software offers the most stunning and remarkable landscape pictures, there are hundreds of images classified in some categories such as Modern, Contemporary Transitional, Tropical, and Midcentury & Craftsman.

Landscape design app

7. Best landscape design app

Do you need another interesting app for your need? This product appears you the exhibitions of amazing, good-looking and amazing landscaping thoughts, plans and decorations.

If you have an idea regarding your landscape or plant, this app can aid you.

This app contains a variety of arranging ideas, designs & decorating such as a backyard, front yard, rock, wall, pools, flowers, pathway, small, large, modern, garden and more.

If your home’s scenery planned properly, it would be a basis of pleasure for your whole family; best Landscaping designs will improve your community and count to the resale worth of your land.

Landscape design app includes much more than placing trees, shrubs and other vegetation on the land.

Landscaping plans is an art, which matches with the aware organization of outside space for individual pleasure and enjoyment in easy landscape drawing form.

You can get a hundred information of landscaping ideas, design and beautifying from this app. Thus it is the only app you need when it com

Landscape design app on a tablet phone

8. Backyard Landscape design app

If you still need a specific app for backyard design, you may choose this one. Whether you are novel to cultivating, or you have been honing your abilities for years, the subsequent design insider facts will help you create a more efficient and alluring garden.

Backyard design app on a tablet phone
  • The elegant Sweep of a Curve in backyard design app
  • The Ambiguity of the Unseen
  • Pooling and Channeling
  • Capture the View Beyond
  • The Principle of Three Depths
  • Tricking the Eye
  • The Long View
  • Irresistible Lookouts

The Elegant Sweep of a Curve The brush of a bend lends a cordial air to the scenery as backyard design app. Your eye cannot aid but pursue it around. By making a plant or even a walkway in a fantastic, playful line, you invite people to explore.

Also, a bent bloom bed combines color and figure to make a plant more enticing in backyard design app.

The ambiguity of the unseen! If you wish for making a little open-air space more attractive or bigger, you can employ an antique Japanese sketch method known as Miegakure or ‘hide and reveal.’

Thus, it involves, to some extent, obscuring a vision or highlights in a plant to establish a illusion of space. A half-hidden vista also encourages folks to discover a gap since the ‘mystery of the unseen’ is somewhat tantalizing.

If you see only an unfair vision of scenery, you will constantly move further to see what is ahead.

Pooling and Channeling People run through space in the similar way that water flows—it moves quickly through a thin channel and moderates when it flows into a larger one.

They employ a design technique called ‘borrowed scenery’ in Japan to build a small outside space more interesting. They join a sight of a feature that lies further than the plant to catch the eyes.

The Rule of Three Depths we all understand the words ‘foreground’ and ‘background’ but have you heard of ‘middle ground?’ It separates the front from rear and is the principal fact for a great view.

Deceiving the Eye In a long lookout view, the lines of a walk appear to join. The more distant away they travel, the closer they turn. This visual signal makes a feeling of depth in any open-air space. You can use this trick in a small outdoor space by faintly calculating the position of a walk inward, assembly it acts longer than it is.

The long view inflexibly guides the eye, and you cannot aid but follow its line to the end. Consequently, grab the lengthiest straight line you can in an outside space and employ it to its best advantage.


If you are planning to use some app to design landscape, while using your gadgets, like as IOS and Android, the mentioned apps are beneficial. In one hand, they are easy to use, and on the other hand, you can visualize the 3D workspace in a virtual environment.

In this article, I have gathered the eight most amazing landscape app and backyard design app for you. I hope you found your desired landscape app in this article.

Which application matches to your needs? Share your thoughts and discuss your idea.

James Weil
Author: James Weil
I am a civil engineer, graduated in the field of structural and earthquake engineering, and have expertise in designing and evaluation of buildings and bridges along with constructional management (BIM) experiences and general architectural knowledge. I gained experience of leading engineers in both university and industrial fields, interested in numerical analysis and laboratory tests using previous laboratory backgrounds and professional software skills.

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